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  • [World Summon] Bad Lands Series: Crash Belt

    As we are nearing the end of Brave Summer Festival 2017, we bring you the final unit of Europe Exclusives from the Bad Lands Series: Crash Belt.
    World Summon: Crash Belt
    Sept 11, 07:00 PST ~ Sept 20 06:59 PST
    • Each summon costs 5 Gems or 1 Summon Ticket.
    • Each summon will guarantee a minimum of 5✯ Unit from Kulyuk's batch onwards with a chance to get a 7✯ Unit for potential Omni Evolution Units.
    • Summon pool consists of units from Kulyuk's batch up to Barvars' batch, excluding Global Exclusive Units, Limited Edition, or Collaboration Units.
    • New featured unit Crash Belt is a Limited Edition unit and will not be available from other summon gates after the event ends.
    Rates Up Promotion
    • The chances of summoning Crash Belt will increase with each summon performed at this gate.
    • The rates will go up as such:
      • x2 Rates at 1st Summon,
      • x3 Rates at 2nd Summon,
      • x4 Rates at 3rd Summon,
      • x5 Rates at 4th Summon,
      • x6 Rates at 5th Summon,
      • x7 Rates at 6th Summon,
      • x8 Rates at 7th Summon,
      • x9 Rates at 8th Summon,
      • x10 Rates at 9th Summon.
    • From the 9th summon onwards, Summoners can enjoy a permanent x10 Rates with no reset until the event ends.
    Bonus Elgif
    • A random bonus Premium 5✯ ~ 7✯ Elgif will be sent to your Presents Box for every 6 summons performed.
    • These bonus Elgifs are obtainable exclusively to Summon Gate promotion and are not available at the Guardians of Lore dungeon.
    • For the full list of available Elgifs, check it out HERE.

    Grab these limited World Bundles from Sept 11, 07:00 PST until Sept 20, 06:59 PST!

    World Bundle 1
    • Price: USD 8.99
    • Summon Tickets: 4
    • Max Purchase: 1
    World Bundle 2
    • Price: USD 16.99
    • Summon Tickets: 8
    • Bonus: Summon Ticket x1
    • Special: 5✯ Elgif - Thunder Oracle Lv. 2
      (25% boost to Atk, Def, Rec, max HP of Thunder types)
    • Max Purchase: 1
    World Bundle 3
    • Price: USD 34.99
    • Summon Tickets: 18
    • Bonus: Summon Ticket x2
    • Special: Global Exclusive 7✯ Elgif -
      Elgif Fulgur Aeterno Lv. 1
      (20% boost to all parameters of Thunder types, negates all status ailments, 5% damage reduction from Water, Thunder types & greatly boosts Atk relative to remaining HP)
    • Max Purchase: 1
    • You can get these bundles by accessing the In-game Shop menu or by tapping the "Limited Edition Bundles" icon on top of the game window.
    • All bundle content will be sent to the Presents Box upon purchase completion.
    • Prices are based on US Dollars rate in the US Region store. Applicable Taxes still apply per store region.
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