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  • Summer Omni+ Summon

    Event Duration:
    September 10, 07:00 PST - September 21, 06:59 PST

    Summoners! The Brave Summer Festival 2017 is almost over but we have one more Summer Omni+ Summon Gate Just for you! Don't miss the last chance to use up all your Summer Summon Tickets to summon your favorite units from the Top 80 poll result at the Player's Choice Summer Omni+ Summon Gate!

    Player's Choice Summer
    Omni+ Summon

    • Each summon cost 1 Summer Summon Ticket.
    • Each summon will guarantee a 7✯ - Omni Rarity Unit from Player's Choice Omni+ Unit Poll.
    • Increase chance to summon Top Players Choice Units with reduced limited pool with each summon:
      • Step 1: All Omni Units
      • Step 2: Top 80 Units
      • Step 3: Top 70 Units
      • Step 4: Top 60 Units
      • Step 5: Top 50 Units
      • Step 6: Top 40 Units
      • Step 7: Top 30 Units
      • Step 8: Top 20 Units
      • Step 9: Top 10 Units
      • Step 10: Top 5 Units + x2 Geminus Tome.
    • Summon pool will reset to Step 1 after 10 summons.
    • There will be no rates up on any units in the summon pool.
    • Click HERE to learn more about OMNI+.

    • Progress from previous Omni+ gate will not be carried over.
    • This will be your last chance to use your Summer Summon Tickets so kindly use all of it before the gate closes.

    Please refer to the table below for the complete Player's Choice Omni+ Poll Results:
    1st Shion 11th Krantz 21st Lauda 31st Sirius
    2nd Gabriela 12th Elimo 22nd Faelan 32nd Diastima
    3rd Azurai 13th Zenia 23rd Ragra 33rd Rugahr
    4th Regil 14th Elza 24th Beiorg 34th Zeleste
    5th Savia 15th Mordlim 25th Agnia 35th Quaid
    6th Holia 16th Linasera 26th Zekuu 36th Amu Yunos
    7th Cleria 17th Mora 27th Kira 37th Melord
    8th Ilm 18th Avant 28th Hisui 38th Carrol
    9th Luina 19th Zelnite 29th Feeva 39th Eerikki
    10th Fei & Fang 20th Velma 30th Ionia 40th Ciara
    41st Camilla 51st Rozalia 61st Zora 71st Shura
    42nd Freed 52nd Zekt 62nd Fizz 72nd Lanza
    43rd Barion 53rd Lara 63rd Glenn 73rd Serge
    44th Kulyuk 54th Zellha 64th Kalon 74th Stein
    45th Zalvard 55th Vern 65th Zeek 75th Alessa
    46th Eleanor 56th Felice 66th Kanon 76th Valen
    47th Rize 57th Adriesta 67th Iris 77th Agress
    48th Garrel 58th Daros 68th Mariletta 78th Silas
    49th Azalea 59th Mariela 69th Shera 79th Izuna
    50th Alice 60th Lava 70th Janice 80th Griff

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