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  • [New Unit Release] Global Summon: Nimune

    A new hero has arrived! Be the first to experience the power of Nimune! Summon the Green Death at the Divine Summon Gate in this limited time event!
    Divine Summon
    Sept 8, 07:00 PST - Sept 15, 06:59 PST
    • Each Summon cost 5 Gems or 1 Summon Ticket.
    • Enjoy a limited summon pool with a guaranteed minimum 5★ unit from Kulyuk's Batch onwards with a chance to get a 7✯ Unit for potential Omni Evolution Units.
    • Summon pool consists of units from Kulyuk's batch up to Barvars' batch, including Global Exclusive units (except Limited Edition or Collaboration Units).
    Rates Up Promotion
    • The chances of summoning Nimune will increase with each summon performed at the Divine Summon Gate.
    • Rates will go up as such:
      • x2 Rates at 1st Summon.
      • x3 Rates at 2nd Summon.
      • x4 Rates at 3rd Summon.
      • x5 Rates at 4th Summon.
      • x6 Rates at 5th Summon.
      • x7 Rates at 6th Summon.
      • x8 Rates at 7th Summon.
      • x9 Rates at 8th Summon.
      • x10 Rates at 9th Summon.
    • From the 9th Summon onwards, the rates will stay at x10 with no reset until the event ends.
    Bonus Elgif
    • A random bonus Rare 2✯ ~ 7✯ Elgif will be sent to your Presents Box for every 4 summons you perform.
    • For the full list of Elgifs, head HERE.
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