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  • World Resummon: NeoAvalon

    With the release of Bad Lands from Brave Frontier Europe, Lancelot and Arthur from NeoAvalon will return once again to Grand Gaia from July 11 0:00 PST - July 16 23:59 PST.

    Enjoy a limited resummon pool with a chance to resummon two units! Plus, increased rates on Lancelot and Arthur.

    World Resummon
    • Each Resummon will cost 10 Gems or 2 Summon Tickets.
    • Players who perform a summon at this gate will receive 2 Units and will be granted an option to Resummon TWO units.
    • Resummons will be from the same pool and do not guarantee that players will receive a DIFFERENT unit from the returned unit.
    • Summon pool consists of units from Kulyuk's batch up to Agnia batch, inclusive of Global Exclusive units that are not Limited Edition or Collaboration Units.
    • A chance to get a 7✯ Unit for potential Omni Evolution Units from Kulyuk's batch onwards
    New featured units Lancelot and Arthur are Limited Edition units returning in this special gate and will not be available from other summon gates after the event ends.

    Step 1
    • Perform a summon from the Special Resummon Gate. You will receive 2 units from this multi-summon process.

    Step 2
    • Upon completing a multi-summon, you will be directed to a screen where there is an option to resummon for your unit. Tap the unit that you wish to return and press RESUMMON. If you wish to continue without resummoning, please press CONTINUE.
    IMPORTANT: Pressing 'Continue' will direct you to a warning message asking for confirmation if you wish to continue and discard the chance to resummon.

    Step 3
    • After selecting the unit, you will be asked to confirm the resummoning process.

    Step 4
    • You will receive your NEW summoned unit in the Summon Results screen. Press CONTINUE to receive the units. Congratulations!

    NOTE: Summon Tickets can be used for this Multi-Summon Gate but please be reminded that 2 Summon Tickets will be consumed as you will be summoning for 2 units.

    Don't miss this opportunity to grab these awesome NeoAvalon Heroes. Summon them NOW!
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