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  • Brave Summer Festival 2017 (Summary of Events)

    Summer is finally here and Grand Gaia is heating up with Brave Summer Festival 2017, Summoners!

    So get ready to break out your best ensemble and join in the fun! A brilliant, blazing Summer awaits you!

    Jul 15 0:00 ~ Aug 31 23:59 PST
    • Log in daily during the Brave Summer Festival to receive up to 5x Summer Summon Tickets, 20x Gems, exclusive Omni+ boost materials and a Unit of Choice!
    • Complete details of the Brave Summer Festival Log-in Campaign Event through this link HERE.

    Jul 15 0:00 ~ Aug 31 23:59 PST
    • More premium Summer Summon Tickets are up for grabs this Summer!
    • Summer Summon Tickets are exclusively used in premium Omni+ Summon Gates to summon Omni potential units in minimum 7✩ ~ Omni rarity.
    • Vote NOW in our Summer Omni+ Poll for a chance to win an extra Summer Summon Ticket and choose your favourite units to be included in the upcoming Omni+ Summon Gates!

    Jul 15 0:00 ~ Aug 31 23:59 PST

    Gear up for Omni+ release later in the month as we bring you events to level up and deck up your units from Jul 15 0:00 PST - Aug 31 23:59 PST!
    • Enjoy 2x Experience, Increased Honor Points and STP until Aug 31 23:59 PST!
    • ½ Energy on Vortex until Aug 31 23:59 PST!
    • Super Honor Summon until Aug 31 23:59 PST!
    • Super Fusion Rates Up until Aug 31 23:59 PST!
    • Daily 2,000 Honor Point Giveaway for 10 days from July 15 0:00 PST to July 24 23:59 PST.
    • Forbidden Tablets Elgif dungeon reopens from July 19 0:00 PST - Jul 25 23:59 PST
    • Summer Weekend Achievements - Earn more Merit Points each week during this Brave Summer Festival. Check out the Summer Special Items offered on July Exchange Hall HERE!
    July 15, 00:00 PST - July 16, 23:59 PST
    July 22, 00:00 PST - July 23, 23:59 PST
    July 29, 00:00 PST - July 30, 23:59 PST
    Aug 05, 00:00 PST - Aug 06, 23:59 PST
    Aug 12, 00:00 PST - Aug 13, 23:59 PST
    Aug 19, 00:00 PST - Aug 20, 23:59 PST
    Aug 26, 00:00 PST - Aug 27, 23:59 PST

    Jul 17 20:00 ~ Aug 1 19:59 PST

    Employ new strategies with your fellow guild members in this Summer edition of Guild Raid event and earn exciting rewards!
    • Guilds can only equip the following Guardians: Asheater (Fire), Treesong (Earth), Galescream (Thunder)
    • Complete “No Stone Unturned” (Obtain 95,000 BCP) to earn Premium Summer Mystery Chest containing a guaranteed Summer Summon Ticket and chance to obtain Starflare Zeis!
    • Increased encounter rates of Fire, Earth and Thunder Elite Monsters in Guild Raid Battles which gives higher BCP.
    Exchange Guild Tokens for exciting rewards from Jul 16 16:00 ~ Aug 27 15:59 PST:
    • New Summer Mystery Chests in Guild Exchange Hall with chance to obtain Artificer Ceulfan, Global Exclusive Elgifs, Guild Raid Elemental Spheres (Pyro Orb, Tidewater Orb, Forest Orb), crafting materials and more!
    • Doubled exchange limit of all Guild Raid Spheres crafting materials excluding Distilled Ether
    • New Omni+ boost materials for exchange!
    1.8.0 Feature Release on Jul 26 PST

    Ever since we shared the developers plan for Omni+ in 2017 Spring, the feature is finally ready for release this Brave Summer Festival! Omni+ boost serves to maximize the effectiveness and flexibility of your favorite Omni units through raising their Imp Parameters and Skill Points (SP) limits. Omni+ boost can be accessed through the Evolve screen using these new Omni+ boost materials:

    Omni Resonance will be complemented by a new Omni+ Elemental Paradigm offering 3 increasing levels of passive effects (relative to amount of same element Omni+ units in squad).

    Vortex Arena, a renewed global exclusive PVP ground will once again be opened to pitch your Omni+ Squads among the best Summoners for premium rewards! Ranking and participation rewards include Omni+ boost materials, exclusive Extra Skill Sphere, Duel Tokens and more.

    Stay tuned for more information on the Event Bazaar’s Vortex Arena exchanges!
    Aug 3 00:00 - Aug 8 23:59 PST
    Aug 31 00:00 - Sep 5 23:59 PST

    Vortex Arena for Earth, Thunder, Dark and Light Elements will also be coming in the near future.

    Our favourite Lost Wing Heroes will return in Special Summon! Look out for more details
    The fire within me burns so much hotter! Amazing! Give me more!
    Kuhaha! That was rather splendid...
    I believe you know your place in my world, lowly servant!

    Watch the latest BNC#22 for a sneak preview of Omni+ and Vortex Arena.

    More details coming in our official announcement at a later time!

    Jul 10 0:00 ~ Jul 16 23:59 PST

    As a special tribute for our Summoner friends at Brave Frontier Europe on having a successful 3rd Anniversary in May, we are pleased to bring you a Europe Exclusive unit from the Bad Lands series! Check out Bad Lands: Natalamé HERE as she makes her way to Brave Frontier Global to kick start Summer from Jul 10 0:00 - Jul 16 23:59 PST in a special World Summon gate.

    Make sure to watch out for more Bad Lands updates this Summer!

    Aug 01 0:00 ~ Aug 31 23:59 PST

    Turn up the heat as August will have even more exciting news and events! Stay tuned for:
    BNC#23 Summer Special Giveaway
    End of July
    Strategy Zone: Battle No. X2
    Pit your squad against the legendary Ezra in Noel’s Latest Experiment.
    Content release on Aug 09 PST


    Souls Training Ground: 2x EXP, ½ Energy!
    Aug 24 00:00 - Aug 29 23:59 PST

    Brave Frontier Global Team
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