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  • Legends of the NeoAvalon Vortex

    Legends of the NeoAvalon Vortex

    Apr 21 0:00 - May 13 23:59 PST

    A squire dreams of a better world amidst the ruins of a fallen kingdom, a legendary blade in his hands. Where will his adventures take him? And who will he meet as he seeks his destiny?

    Join Arthur and Lancelot as they seek fame, fortune, and the one power that that may change the world - the Grail! Welcome to the Legends of NeoAvalon!

    Possible Item/Unit Drops in Legends of NeoAvalon Lv.3, 4, 5:
    • Photon Bots
    • Power Imp Pakpak
    • Guard Imp Ganju
    • Healing Imp Fwahl
    • Vigor Imp Molin
    Completion Bonus for Legends of NeoAvalon Lv.5 :
    • x5 Photon Bots
    Craftable Spheres:
    • Arondight (Lancelot’s ES Sphere):
    • 30% boost to max HP, boosts Atk relative to how high remaining HP is [0-100%], boosts BB gauge each turn [6 BC] & boosts BB gauge when attacked [3-4 BC]
    Materials Required:
    • x1 Photon Sword
    • Crafted using x50 Photon Bots
    • x1 Demon Shard
    • x1 Evil Eye
    • x10 Lost Claw
    Additional Notes:
    Photon Sword and Arondight can be crafted from the Village Sphere hall

    Stay tuned for more content updates of Arthur and Lancelot in Legends of NeoAvalon!
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