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  • Easter Summon (Vikki) + Easter Bundles [EXTENDED]

    Get those baskets ready for goodies as the mad scientist Vikki joins your egg-citing adventures this Easter Season! She's here and ready to conquer the world!

    From Apr. 13, 07:00 PST until Apr. 20, 06:59 PST, get a chance to summon Vikki from our Special Easter Summon Gate!

    Good News Summoners! Easter Summon and Easter Bundles are EXTENDED until Apr. 20, 23:59 PST! Grab the bundles and summon NOW!

    Easter Summon
    • Summon costs 5 Gems or 1 Summon Ticket.
    • Each summon will guarantee a minimum of 5✯ Unit with a chance to get either 6✯ or 7✯ Unit (Please take note that the chance to summon the 7✯ base forms of potential Omni Evolution units only applies to units from Kulyuk's batch onwards).
    • Summon pool consists of units from Alpha's batch up to Shion's batch inclusive of Global Exclusive units that are not Limited Edition or Collaboration Units.
    • New featured unit Vikki is a Limited Edition Unit and will be removed from the summon pool after the event ends.
    Rates Up Promotion
    • The chances of summoning Vikki will increase with each summon performed at the Easter Summon Gate.
    • Rates will go up as such:
      • x2 Rates at 1st Summon;
      • x3 Rates at 2nd Summon;
      • x4 Rates at 3rd Summon;
      • x5 Rates at 4th Summon;
      • x6 Rates at 5th Summon;
      • x7 Rates at 6th Summon;
      • x8 Rates at 7th Summon;
      • x9 Rates at 8th Summon;
      • x10 Rates at 9th Summon.
    • From the 9th summon onwards, summoners can enjoy a permanent x10 Rates with no reset until the event ends.
    Bonus Elgif
    • A random bonus Premium 5✯~7✯ Elgif will be sent to your Presents Box for every 6 summons you perform.
    • These bonus Elgifs are obtainable exclusively to Summon Gate promotion and are not available at the Guardians of Lore dungeon.
    • For the full list of available Elgifs, head HERE.

    Grab this limited Easter Bundles from Apr. 13, 07:00 PST until Apr. 16, 06:59 PST!

    Good News! The Easter Bundles has been reopened from April 19, 07:00 PST until Apr 20, 23:59 PST. Don't miss the chance to acquire these awesome items again. BUY NOW!

    Easter Bundle 1
    • Price: USD 8.99
    • Summon Tickets: 4
    • Easter Special: Carrot Cake x1
    • Easter Special: Gaian Carrot x5
    • Max Purchase: 1
    Easter Bundle 2
    • Price: USD 16. 99
    • Summon Tickets: 8
    • Bonus: Summon Ticket x1
    • Easter Special: Carrot Cake x2
    • Easter Special: Gaian Carrot x10
    • Easter Special: 5✯ Elgif - Water Oracle Lv. 1 (20% boost to Atk, Def, Rec, max HP of Water types)
    • Max Purchase: 1
    Easter Bundle 3
    • Price: USD 34. 99
    • Summon Tickets: 18
    • Bonus: Summon Ticket x2
    • Easter Special: Carrot Cake x5
    • Easter Special: Gaian Carrot x20
    • Easter Special: Global Exclusive 6✯ Elgif - Algor Aeterno Lv. 1 (20% boost to all parameters of Water types, negates all status ailments, 5% damage reduction from Fire, Water types & greatly boosts Atk relative to remaining HP)
    • Spring Special: Spring Summon Ticket x1
    • Max Purchase: 1
    Carrot Cake
    Consumable Effect Casts Thunder shield [900 Def, 4000 HP] on all allies for 2 turns.

    Gaian Carrot
    Crafting material for Easter spheres.

    • You can get these bundles by accessing the In-game Shop menu or by tapping the "Limited Time Bundles" icon on top of the game window.
    • All bundle contents will be sent to the Presents Box upon purchase completion.
    • Prices are based on US Dollars rate in the US Region store. Applicable taxes still apply per store region.

    Brave Frontier Global Team
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    Greetings Summoners!

    We have received reports that some players were not able to receive a Bonus Elgif after performing six (6) summons on the Easter Summon Gate. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

    Please be informed that a fix was applied as of April 20, 18:30 PST. All players who have summoned from April 20, 7:00 - 18:30 PST and have been affected by this issue will have the bonus Elgif sent to their Presents Box.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.


    Please be informed that the Bonus Premium Elgif for performing 6 summons from the Easter Summon Gate last Apr. 20, 07:00 until 18:30 PST were already sent to the Presents Box.

    For any discrepancies regarding this matter, please feel free to contact our Support Group for further assistance.

    Thank you for your support!

    ~Brave Frontier Global Team
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