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  • Summary of Easter Events 2017

    Greetings Summoners!

    A string of fun and egg-citing Easter activities await you from April 13, 00:00 PST to April 26, 23:59 PST! Carrol returns this Easter and she’s on the hunt for Easter Eggs in our new Vortex, "A Colorful Hunt"! However, Cotton - the oddly adorable yet powerful robo-bunny dispatched by Vikki is also after them! What happens to the duo when they meet? Spring forward and find out more below:

    Omni Evolution: Carrol
    April 12, 00:00 PST

    Carrol is getting her Omni Evolution this Easter! Be the first to see the details of her Omni Evolution HERE!

    Limited Edition Easter Unit
    April 13, 07:00 PST - April 20, 06:59 PST

    Vikki, the talented self-proclaimed mad scientist on the quest for the magical powerful source of infinite power joins us this Easter! Get a chance to summon this new Limited Edition Easter during the event period!

    For more information about Vikki, tap HERE!

    Spring Login Campaign Period
    March 8, 00:00 PST - May 17, 23:59 PST

    Join our Spring Login Campaign and get rewarded! Log in for 40 days and you will receive an Easter Omni-potential unit, Cotton!

    See more information about Cotton HERE!

    Easter Vortex 2017
    April 13, 00:00 PST - April 26, 23:59 PST

    Put your skills to test in this new Easter Vortex and gather items for brand new spheres introduced in this update!

    See more information about A Colorful Hunt event HERE!

    Easter Chain Challenge and Records
    April 13, 00:00 PST - April 26, 23:59 PST

    Earn a bonus Gem, up to 13,500 Merit Points and Easter crafting items from new Easter Chain Challenges and Records! Pick them up from Randall City > Administrative Office > Missions > Challenges or Records NOW!
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