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  • Rise of Disnomians II & Spring Omni Bundle

    All has risen as the Disnomian Emperor Shion has arrived! Recruit him and his allies, Ionia and Baro at the Special Divine Summon: Rise of Disnomians II and they will help lead you into triumphant victories!

    Event Duration:
    April 6, 7:00 - April 13, 6:59 PST
    [April 6, 8:00 - April 13, 7:59 PDT]

    • There will be INCREASED RATES for Shion, Ionia, and Baro.
    • The Summon Gates will consist of units from Alpha's batch onwards.
    • Each summon will guarantee you a minimum of a 5✯ Unit with a chance to get either a 6✯ Unit or 7✯ for Omni Evolution units (Please take note that the chance to summon the 7✯ form of potential Omni Evolution unit is available from Kulyuk's batch onwards).
    • A Bonus Rare Elgif will be sent to your Presents Box for every 4 summons.
    • Each summon will cost 5 gems or 1 Summon Ticket

    Rates Up Promotion
    • The chances of summoning Shion, Ionia, and Baro. will increase with each summon performed at this gate.
    • For example, the rates will go up as such:
      • x2 rates at 1st summon
      • x3 rates at 2nd summon
      • x4 rates at 3rd summon, and so forth.
    • Summon rates will remain at x10 after 9th summon onwards.

    • Rates will stay permanently until the end of the event summon.
    • Shion, Ionia, and Baro are available in 7✯ and Omni Evolution forms.

    Get the Spring Omni Bundle from the following dates:

    April 6, 7:00 - April 9, 6:59 PST
    [April 6, 8:00 - April 9, 7:59 PDT]

    See the details below:

    Spring Omni Bundle 1:
    • Price: USD 8.99
    • Summon Tickets x4
    • Bonus: Gem x1, Crescent Dew x1
    • Max Purchase: 1
    Spring Omni Bundle 2:
    • Price: USD 16.99
    • Summon Tickets x8
    • Bonus: Gem x6, Crescent Dew x2
    • Max Purchase: 1
    Spring Omni Bundle 3:
    • Price: USD 34.99
    • Summon Tickets x18
    • Bonus: Gem x12, Crescent Dew x4
    • Max Purchase: 1
    Rise towards the heavens! SUMMON NOW!
    Official gumi website:
    Official Support Channel:

  • #2

    Greetings Summoners!

    Please be informed that Spring Omni Bundles were not supported on Windows previously and a fix has been implemented for Windows 10 as of Apr. 12, 00:00 PST. There are still affected players on Windows 8 platform which our team will be able to address on the next game update.

    Please stay tuned for further updates and our sincerest apologies for this inconvenience.

    Brave Frontier Global Team
    Official gumi website:
    Official Support Channel: