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  • New Summoner Avatar Battle Hall and Weapon

    Battle Hall: Round No. 002

    • Summoner Exp: 300,000
    • 1x Gem
    • Weapon: Crystal Staff
    A staff that once belonged to a renowned saint from ancient times. The saint traveled all over the land healing countless people, and offering her support against the invading forces of the God Army as well. Although the warriors on her side did everything they could to protect her, she ultimately gave her life for the cause after infusing her beloved staff with the last of her power. Those who inherited the staff revered it as the saint herself, and enshrined it for centuries as a symbol of her faith.
    Weapon Skill
    Spiritual Protection
    Negates elemental based damage & slightly boosts BC efficacy

    Secret Forest's Healing
    Adds damage taken may slightly restore HP for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB

    Heavenly Star's Blessing
    Adds status ailment removal effect to SBB

    Impure Heart
    Negates status ailments

    Mysterious Healing Chant
    Adds considerable Def boost relative to Rec for 3 turns and damage taken may slightly restore HP for 3 turns effects to BB/SBB

    Sacred Favor
    Adds status ailment removal and status ailment negation for 3 turns effect to SBB

    ES Skill
    Enduring Protection
    25% boost to Def, Rec, max HP & negates elemental based damage

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