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  • Spring Elemental Divine Summon 2+1 Elgif

    Your favorite heroes in each of their respective elements are now available for summoning every day!

    To celebrate Brave Spring Festival, enjoy first 2 summons every day at a discounted 3 Gems! Summon 100% units from the featured element each day through this Divine Summon Gates.

    • Each summon costs 5 Gems.
    • First 2 summon everyday will be discounted at 3 Gems.
    • Each summon will net a 5✯ Unit at the minimum from Alpha Batch onwards or 7✯ minimum for Omni potential Units from Kulyuk Batch onwards.
    • Every 2 summons will reward 1 Bonus Elgif.
    • Summon count resets for every new Divine Summon Gate.
    March 15, 07:00 PST - March 16, 6:59 PST

    March 16, 07:00 PST - March 17, 6:59 PST

    March 17, 07:00 PST - March 18, 6:59 PST

    March 18, 07:00 PST - March 19, 6:59 PST

    March 19, 07:00 PST - March 20, 6:59 PST

    March 20, 07:00 PST - March 21, 6:59 PST

    • Limited Edition and Collaboration Units are excluded in any of the Summon Gates.
    • Bonus Elgifs details are shown HERE

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    Greetings Summoners!

    It came to our attention that players who summoned from our Spring Divine Summon Gate received two [2] Dark Crystals instead of one [1] Elgif Bonus that is mentioned on our announcement.

    We sincely apologize for this inconvenience and rest assured that the issue is being handled accordingly.

    As of this writing, the said issue has been fixed and our team is already working on the affected users. Please don't claim the Dark Crystals from your Presents Box as we will be doing a scan and determine all the affected players between 07:00 PST and 07:40 PST [08:00 PDT - 08:40 PDT], and send out one [1] random Elgif from pool of Bonus Elgif for this summon gate.

    For further assistance regarding this matter, please don't hesitate to contact our Support Team via In-game Contact Us Option or through our Website Support Center.

    We appreciate all you support and kind understanding regarding this matter.

    Brave Frontier Global Team
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      Greetings Summoners!

      As of Mar. 16, 01:00 PST [02:00 PDT], all affected players for the Spring Divine Summon issue had been pulled out and issued with one [1] random Elgif as quoted on our announcement.

      For further assistance regarding this matter, please don't hesitate to contact us through our official support channels.

      Thank you for your patience.

      Brave Frontier Global Team
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