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  • Spring Rare Summon 1

    (March 15, 07:00 PST until April 5, 06:59 PST)

    In line with our Brave Spring Festival 2017 celebration, we bring you another event that will surely add up to the fun and excitement! Enjoy this daily discount summon in our Rare Summon Gate with increased rates on the featured Omni Potential Heroes!
    Spring Rare Summon
    • Each summon costs 3 Gems.
    • First summon will only cost 1 Gem per day.
    • After the first summon, the summoning cost will go back to 3 Gems.
    • Each summon will net you a 3✯ unit at the minimum.
    • Summon count resets for every new Rare Summon Gate.
    • Summon pool consists of units before Alpha batch, certain Seasonal Units and Soul Bound Saga Heroes:
    Eva, Jack, Nick, Ciara, Semira,
    Fang, Carrol, Bonnie,
    Elaina, Grandt
    • The following Omni Potential pre-Alpha Units will have their Increased Summon Rates on the following schedule:
    Fang, Elimo, Arus
    (March 15 07:00 PST to March 21 06:59 PST)

    Zelnite, Belfura, Ragshelm
    (March 21 07:00 PST to March 29 06:59 PST)

    Ciara, Shera, Rize
    (March 29 07:00 PST to April 05 06:59 PST)

    So, what are you waiting for?! Head now to the summon gate and grab this great opportunity to acquire your favorite featured heroes for less cost!
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