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  • [New Unit Release] Demon Inventors

    Be the next champion of the battlefield with the new heroes that rise from the summon gates.

    From September 14, 7:00 - September 21, 6:59 PST [September 14, 8:00 - September 21, 9:59 PDT], Malef, Holia and Lauda of the Demon Inventors will step-in the summon gates with this special summon offer:
    Divine Summon
    • There will be Increased Rates for Malef, Holia and Lauda.
    • Each summon will net you a minimum of 5✯ Hero with a chance to get either a 6✯ Hero or 7✯ for Omni Evolution units (Kulyuk batch onwards).
    • Summon pool will consist units from Alpha batch onwards
    Rates Up Promotion
    • The chances to summon the Demon Inventors will increase with each summon performed in this gate. This bonus will go up to x10 Rates for Malef, Holia and Lauda on your 9th summon onward with no reset.
    • For example, the rates will go up as such:
    • x2 Rates at 1st Summon
    • x3 Rates at 2nd Summon
    • x4 Rates at 3rd Summon, and so forth.
    • From the 9th summon onwards, the rates will stay at x10 with no reset until the event ends.
    Bonus Elgif
    • A bonus Rare Elgif will be sent to your Presents Box for every 4 summons you perform.
    • The Elgifs on the list are exclusive to the Summon Gate and are not available at the Guardians of Lore dungeon.
    • For the full list of Elgifs, head HERE
    • Each summon costs either 5 Gems or 1 Summon Ticket.
    • Malef, Holia and Lauda are Omni Evolution units; minimum rarity is 7✯.

    3-Day Omni Bundle

    Grab this limited 3-day offer starting September 14, 7:00 - September 17, 6:59 PST [September 14, 8:00 - September 17, 7:59 PDT] and don't miss the chance for the Demon Inventors. Hurry NOW!

    Details are below.
    • A. Omni Bundle 1
      • Price: USD 8.99
      • Summon Tickets: 4
      • Bonus: Imp Arton x1
      • Max purchase: 3
    • B. Omni Bundle 2
      • Price: USD 16.99
      • Summon Tickets: 8
      • Bonus: Burst Emperor x1
      • Max purchase: 2
    • C. Omni Bundle 3
      • Price: USD 34.99
      • Summon Tickets: 18
      • Bonus: Sphere Frog x1
      • Max purchase: 1
    • D. Omni Bundle 4
      • Price: USD 3.99
      • Summon Tickets: 2
      • Max purchase: 2
    Additional Notes:
    • You may get the Bundle Packs through the In-game Shop option or by tapping the "Limited Time Bundles" icon on top of the game window.
    • Tickets and bonus units will be sent to the Present Box upon purchase completion.
    • Prices will be localized accordingly depending on your market region.
    • Summon Ticket Bundles are available for iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon.
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