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  • Brave Summer Festival 2016 Fan Art Contest

    Let's raise the excitement during this year's Brave Summer Festival! Showcase your favorite GLOBAL EXCLUSIVE heroes & join the “Brave Summer Festival 2016 Fan Art Contest”! All you need to do is create/design fan art depicting any GLOBAL EXCLUSIVE units celebrating Summer. Be as festive and creative as you can and aim to be one of the lucky winners!

    Full event Mechanics:
    Kindly upload your entries on an image hosting site
    Event Period: August 12 - August 31, 23:59 2016 (PST)

    Winners will be chosen by the following criteria:
    3 Winners based on number of forum votes (forum entry post likes):
    • 1 Sphere Frog
    • 2 Imp Arton
    • 3 Burst Emperor
    • 5 Gems
    • 1 Summon Ticket
    4 Winners based on technical expertise of submitted Fan Art chosen by the Brave Frontier team:
    • 2 Sphere Frog
    • 3 Imp Arton
    • 4 Burst Emperor
    • 10 Gems
    • 2 Summon Tickets
    3 Random Winners among valid entries:
    • 1 Imp Arton
    • 2 Burst Emperor
    • 2 Imp Keys

    Participants will submit fan art where GLOBAL EXCLUSIVE Brave Frontier Units are celebrating Summer.

    List of Global Exclusive Units:
    - Cayena, Serin, Bayley, Fennia, Vanila & Lico

    - Xenon, Estia, Xenon & Estia
    - Blaze, Sae, Dranoel, Cerise
    - Ciara, Semira, Pumburkiny
    - Ultor, Cyclaw, Tridon, Hydraloid, Andaria, Euryalis, Zedus, Grievesnare, Aurelia, Stormwing, Hadaron, Netherhound
    - Frosty, Nick, Jack, Eva
    - Fei, Fang, Fei & Fang
    - Nice Burny
    - Bonnie, Carrol
    - Grandt, Elaina
    - Xie'Jing
    - Deimos, Zenia
    - Gazia
    - Lucia
    - Korzan, Haile, Avani, Mikael, Allanon, Nyami
    - Brave Kurewa & Kuraginn
    - Zeruiah
    - Randolph, Ravenna
    - Juno-Seto, Ensa-Taya
    - Azurai, Nyala

    • Allowed to substitute default unit wear to summer related clothes:
      • Beach wear
      • Japanese Summer Festival style
      • Other summer festival/celebration costumes
    • Fan Art should be safe to publicly view! (maintain to a certain degree of being SFW)
    • Can feature an individual unit, or a group of units
    • Can have backgrounds or simply feature the unit(s)
    - Ownership of Fan Art submissions will be important. If participants are caught stealing others' work disqualification and even in-game penalties are possible.
    - Signatures, watermarks, and other similar additions to protect ownership are allowed (please keep to a decent amount)

    Entries must be in PNG format.

    Submission Period: August 12, PST - August 31, 23:59 PST
    Brave Frontier Team’s Fan Art Assessment Period & Announcement of winners: First week of September 2016 PST.

    At the end of the event, A total of 10 winners will be selected based on the criteria listed above. All valid submitted fan art will be featured in Brave Frontier pages!

    Submit your entries HERE

    Brave Frontier Global Team
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    Attention Summoners,

    We are pleased to announce the winners for Brave Summer Festival 2016 Fan Art Contest!

    4 Winners based on technical expertise of submitted Fan Art chosen by the Brave Frontier team
    • miririri
    • hocenhosenhosen
    • miothle
    • hierotubas
    3 Winners based on number of Forum Votes
    • 1st Place: yumikaa
    • 2nd Place: Nflsrs
    • Tied for 3rd Place
      • Yukaira
      • Stanis23
    3 Random Winners among valid entries
    • EmpressViolet
    • AlexandraWalt
    • Roar5
    Rewards will be sent to your Presents Box within 24 hours. Congratulations!
    Official gumi website:
    Official Support Channel: