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  • Brave Frontier x THE KING OF FIGHTERS Collaboration! (Summary of Events)

    The worlds of Brave Frontier and THE KING OF FIGHTERS will clash against each other for the first time in a Dream Match of the century!

    THE KING OF FIGHTERS Collaboration will feature exclusive events, rewards, and recruits. Get iconic characters from the series like Iori Yagami and Terry Bogard, starting July 15, 7:00 PST until August 12, 6:59 PST! [July 15, 8:00 PDT until August 12, 7:59 PDT]

    I. THE KING OF FIGHTERS Collaboration Community Event

    Want to wield the legendary flames of the sole Kusanagi heir for yourself? Then help share the official Brave Frontier x THE KING OF FIGHTERS Collaboration video! Achieve milestones to get Kyo Kusanagi and more!

    Summoners, as we prepare for the arrival of the sole Kusanagi heir, THE KING OF FIGHTERS Collaboration Community Event will be moved at a later date. We will be posting an update by July 19 PST. Get ready to achieve milestones for Kyo Kusanagi!

    II. Special Summon: THE KING OF FIGHTERS

    Dream Match Never Ends! Terry Bogard, Benimaru Nikaido, Athena Asamiya, Iori Yagami, Mai Shiranui, and Kula Diamond will be waiting behind the summoning gates of Grand Gaia during this festive fighting period.

    - Terry and Iori can unleash their maximum potential through Omni Evolution.
    - Benimaru, Athena, Mai, and Kula will be available in 6-star & 7-star forms.
    - More details on the Special Summon schedules will be released in the near future.

    III. THE KING OF FIGHTERS’ Collaboration Dungeon

    Confront the “Black Noah Genocide God” Rugal Bernstein, who is the mastermind behind the latest Brave Frontier Collaboration Dungeon! Prepare yourselves for the battle of the century against this madman & his minions - watch out for his Gigantic Pressure!

    Defeat Rugal in the last stage to get him as a First Time Clear Reward! (July 29, 7:00 PST - August 12, 6:59 PST) [July 29, 8:00 PDT - August 12, 7:59 PDT]

    Power Geyser your way through Grand Gaia with these kings & queens of fighting!

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