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  • Rainbow Delight!

    Greetings Summoners!

    The fight for peace still continues! Summoners are needed to boost up their strengths as they venture further into Grand Gaia! Starting August 9, 2014, 00:00 PST until August 24, 23:59, PST, evolve the featured heroes in this event and get the chance to win awesome rewards!

    Event Rewards:

    • Ten (10) players will be randomly selected to win a set of Elemental Totems.

    How to Join:

    1. Register an account on our Official Brave Frontier Forum Account.

    2. Get a screen capture of their Rainbow Team with one of the following units:

    (6-star form of Michele’s batch): Goddess Axe Michele, Empyreal Drake Lodin, Legatus Melchio, Final Apostle Tiara, Blade Emperor Zelban, and Duel-SGX

    (4 or 5 star form of our new added feature units): Fire Princess Dia, Lightning Sage Bran, Dark Tunes Eric, Azure Warrior Lucina, Steel Shield Darvan and Unflinching Themis

    3. Go to the designated registration thread, provide your player ID and in-game name, and submit your screenshot. Be sure that the player ID you provided/will provide is the same ID as the Brave Frontier account that is linked to the Facebook account you are using to enter the event.

    4. Please avoid selling/fusing away your featured units until you have received the rewards as we would require them for verification when you are selected as the winner.

    5. At the end of the event, ten (10) winners will be randomly selected to win a set of Elemental Totems.

    6. A player can only win once.

    Are you up for this new challenge? Tell your fellow Summoners and join us in our quest to vanquish the forces of the fallen gods once and for all!

    Submit your entries here:
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    Congratulations to the following winners of our Rainbow Delight Event to win a set of Elemental Totems:


    Please check your presents box for your prize!

    Thank you so much for your great participation! See you in our next community events!
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