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  • re-use system

    Well, all we have too much units of the rare door wich never use, in this topic I propose the re-use system, is simple, when we have X number of units of rare door and don't want to save this units, we can change X units for a ticket of rare summon.
    This method is the best to Gumi, because they can earn more money, because the people won't save her gems to te rate-up, because all units will have value.
    And the people will be happy because the units wich didn't have any use, it will use to change for the tickets.

    And the number X will be more than 1 because is a re-use.
    Thanks, and sry my english isn't too good.
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      why?...... I think that's a great idea.
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        My comment was referencing the fact that I didn't get it. It doesn't help that my brain is burnt out from debating in Smashboards' Debate Hall, and posting my impromptu "Unit of the Week Editorial" last night. lol


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          Well, the re-use System basically, you give a number of rare summons, and Gumi give you a summon ticket, is a change, all people have summons which never use this units.

          This time can u understand the idea?
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            so basically its sort of exchanging X number of rare summon units for a summon ticket


            • kaze231
              kaze231 commented
              Editing a comment
              That's it, i think all can win with this change, Gumi and the players.
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