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  • Guild Raid Quality of Life Update Idea

    IMO once the buffs are maxed we should be able to just buy tokens normally, kind of like we do when maxing buffs but without the buffs (an example will be exchanging Karma/Zel in the exchange hall from how it was before to how is now), and just as a little insentive and reward we could get a little bit more of tokens, let's say instead of having 5 tokens per amount exchanged we could get 10, 15, 20 tokens per 75000 Zel / 25000 Karma or 1000/500 tokens per 1 million Zel / 500 thousand Karma (still thinking on this amount). Also we should be able to just decide directly the amount we want to donate all at once having the bar that let's you choose said amount but with no limit to exchange (again exchange hall example).
    Another idea I have is that having the Zel/Karma exchange directly to tokens and then use the tokens to raise the Zel/Karma/Exp boosts could be good (less programing for Gumi I think, might be wrong).
    Also to promote GR instead of earning tokens we should be earning exclusive rewards, for example special limited spheres which depending on your rank they'll be stronger or weaker (the fire VA sphere is a good example of what I mean), also to the higher ranks along the exclusive unit that reach the 1% Gumi could add exclusive 3rd Arc weapons that reach... 10% maybe? (still thinking a decent amount).

    In all honesty I believe this would be a good quality of life update.
    What do you guys think about this, good? bad? neutral? any modifications you guys want to add? (any feedback is welcome)
    I'll leave a link for you guys rate this:

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    Great idea. However, I am a bit skeptical about the exclusive rewards in the Guild Raid. Salt might spread once again across Grand Gaia. There is an existing saltiness among players about the availability of the Sphere for top 1-500. Which is why Gumi also gave more rewards for the top 500- 1000 players. Just saying.


    • Caid
      Caid commented
      Editing a comment
      That's why I'm saying to add more rewards depending on ranks; higher ranks get higher rewards and lower ranks gets lower rewards. Ex:
      T10: 150% crit boost, 100% spark damage and 100% para boost.
      1%: 125% crit boost, 90% spark damage and 75% para boost.
      1%~10%: 110% crit boost, 80% spark damage and 60% para boost.
      10%~25%: 90% crit boost, 70% spark damage and 50% para boost.
      25%~50%: 75% crit boost, 60% spark damage and 40% para boost.
      50%~100%: 50% crit boost, 50% spark damage and 35% para boost.
      This way players would have more reason and more chances to actually play GR to get the OP spheres that they want.
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    Fair enough. Good idea, pal. Just hope Gumi will hear about these suggestions.