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  • New Mimic Dungeon level

    A level 4 mimic dungeon would be a good idea, where the last enemy is a metal mimic with 100% capture rate, even if it has high energy requirement.

    Currently, the chances to get metal mimics from Level 1 and Level 2 are very low, and very inefficient for both new and veteran players.
    While, there are other options to get metal mimics (through merit or guild tokens), I think it is still a good idea to have a level specific for metal mimics.

    [Edit/Added]: I don't know if it is only me, but it doesn't make any sense that the Metal Mimic does not have its own specific dungeon or level, but everything else have their own.
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    I hear what your saying but metal mimics are pretty easy to obtain especially during events! I get a metal mimic from level 2 in about 5 dungeons. But I probably see myself doing this about once a month. And only once. It's a well balanced system.


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      Dunno how lucky you are, but when I posted this suggestion, i pretty much used all of my 260 energy hunting the metal mimics. And that was with 1/2 energy on vortex! LOL!

      Also, from events, it is very rare for us to receive metal mimics. We usually get tons of imps and crystal gods, but these mimics are very rare even as a giveaway from events!

      So if you already have maxed out your purchase from the merit or guild shop, your only option is to pray for RNGesus to get them metal mimics..


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        Considering that you can get 1000 merit by doing the daily challenges, get trash spheres on both slot machines that can be exchanged for merit and that with OE+ gumi has LITERALLY NO REASON to raise the rates of the summon gates or give us safety nets, where you BY FAR will mostly get duplicates or older units that have little use because there are better ones with the same chance to get... I don't know what are you complaining of, actually idk why are you still doing that horrible dungeon! tbh I just buy them from the exchange hall and done.


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