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  • Ezra (omni unit suggestion)

    The eneroth storyline is by far my favourite addition to this great game and I loved it to bits. The only problem was that I thought that the units released were missing a crucial element. The roster was quite well put together but it was missing Ezra. I just don't understand how they could release this line without adding the main character, the one with the power of the ancients, into the game as a unit. I was hoping that gumi could make a new EX trial for her as many GE units from things like this are from there... *cough gazia cough*

    Anyways, let me get in to the suggestion!

    Ancient Power Ezra (I'm open to suggestions on the name)

    Hp- 8360
    Atk- 3650

    Leader skill
    Ancient creator's power (also open to names)

    45% boost to all parameters, huge boost to critical damage for 4 turns when bc collected has exceeded certain amount (60bc with 150% crit damage buff), BB gauge boost every turn (8bc), sparks boost BB gauge slightly (3-4bc), 120%boost to spark damage

    Extra skill
    Blood of the ancients

    20% boost to all perameters when bond of the regalnase is equipped, immune to paralyze and curse, and adds huge BB atk boost to BB (400%) (self buff also becomes 400% on SBB) immune to elemental weakness damage


    Blade of the Diva: Fight for knowledge

    20 combo fire, water, earth, thunder attack on all foes (350%), greatly boosts defense and rec (150%) and boosts attack based on defense (70%) boosts attack based on rec (80%) hugely boosts BB gauge (10bc) and boosts bc efficacy (30%)

    Blade of the Morokai: Strive for power

    35 combo massive fire attack on single foe (800%) inflicts large atk def reduction on single foe (40%) boosts own BB attack slightly (75%) 8 combo light dark attack on all foes (300%) boosts all elemental damage largely (150%) and boosts spark damage (100%)

    Power of the ancients: awakening

    40 combo massive all element attack on all foes, boosts all elemental damage (300%), boosts spark damage hugely (300%), reduces all enemies atk and defense by 60%, and boosts atk, defense, and rec hugely (300% each)

    Sp skills

    10sp- boosts all perameters by 20%
    20sp- boosts all perameters by 50% (unlocks after the first option is bought)
    10sp- boosts spark damage 50%
    40sp- add crit damage buff to UBB (250%)
    20sp- add huge attack boost to BB
    20sp- add huge attack boost to SBB
    40sp- add nullify defense ignore effect for 2 turns to BB/SBB
    40sp- add nullify critical damage effect to BB/SBB for 2 turns

    I know I'm new to the forums so please be nice XD..... I just really want an Ezra unit to be released... Please feel free to leave your ideas and tweak mine to be less op or tell me what I can do to balance out the unit more! Thanks for reading!
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    Oh! And her main element is light and she starts off as an omni unit
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      She has been confirmed to get a trial and omni in 2 months brah.


      • Morgan83
        Morgan83 commented
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        Well yeahhhhhh I know. I just wanted to make a for fun suggestion on it to see what people would say about it and maybe give them ideas

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      First of all, for BB it was too much since BB is always around 300 - 400% Damage Modifier. Second your BB's skills set to described it is too messed up, especially in this sentences "boosts attack based on defense and rec (40% from each)" So here's the line, if you say it like that then we got boosted ATK from DEF and REC and I know what you meant was probably Boost DEF and REC from ATK and if it's not let me tell that Status relative can only work for 1 sides as a base to other sides, IF you got confused with it please look at Alice Skills set description that say boost DEF and ATK based on REC which is 1 sides to 1 sides. Third Her SBB was too strong and not balanced even for OE era, but what's more is that her UBB ATK and DEF Reduction is kinda absurd.... If you were actually reduce all ATK and DEF to 100% it means you were doing an ignore damage and 100% mitigation in another name of it, better to lower it up buddy.


      • Morgan83
        Morgan83 commented
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        Thanks for the feedback! I kinda purposely made her too op. And for the atk based off of things, I should've put it as "boost ATK based on DEF (50%) and boost ATK based on REC (60%) I'll try to change it up!

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      Morgan83 It would be better if you submitted your Idea in this Wikia:

      This is where a hardcore fans of BF mostly designing their Units to their liking and fantasizing about it.


      • LouiseBetita
        LouiseBetita commented
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        But if he/she does that would it make the facts wrong since it's just a suggestion?

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      Look at all these people asking for OMNI units, and I can't even get me a 6 star unit. hahahahhahaha!