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  • Upgrade units from Quests

    Do you think that these units should remain in 3* to 4* forms meaning they'll be fodder units again, or get new evolutions to give free units an opportunity?
    In my opinion, Quest units should get evolutions too because all Rare Summon units and Vortex units get their new evolutions via updates, although Rare Summon units have potential of getting 7* star forms.
    Quest units should get up to 6* star forms making it easy, yet unbalanced for F2P players like me.
    Beside, who wants a 7* form of Zegar, Zephu, Weiss, Lario, Luna and Mifune or 6* forms of Zebra, Mare and Zurg?
    It doesn't matter where we got our units from, what matters is enjoying Brave Frontier and all units deserve respect!
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    Sorry, but it's up to alim to give them evolutions. And if I remember correctly, in a niconico stream the producer said no already, it's because they have to make upgrades on loads of other units too if they did. To be fair Zegar and friends have low drop rates to compensate.


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      If free units can be 6/7*s, no one would be spending money = no money earned by the producers = discontinued game.
      That, is the sad truth. There is the word "fodder" for a reason.