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  • Unit Trading

    Something I've been thinking about. With the amount of units this game has and more coming on the horizon, why is there not a way to trade units? I use gems to summon many of the 4, 5, or 6 star units I currently posses but some of the units I seek to obtain have thus far eluded me while many others have doubled up on me... (In some cases I even have up to 6-7 of the same unit...)

    -A trade system would be nice, it could cost 1 gem per traded unit even but a trading system would still be a very nice feature to have.

    -Units would be posted onto a global trade system where others seeking that unit can trade for it with the desired Unit and/or Attributes.


    -Trading should be limited to 4* or stronger units to avoid exploiting and would exclude units that are obtainable through Honor Summon and quests and dungeon events such as starters, sibyl sisters, and the like.

    -Traded units would not be allowed to equip spheres.

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    Every time someone brings up trading in BF, a Burny dies an unnecessary death and goes un-captured.


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      Well, there are many games that may have a trading object/card/creature/unit system but no one of them has one, or at least the games I have played. There should be an interesting way of doing these. Obviously trading thing may cost a bit, I'm not speaking about gems but something like reseting the unit to level 0, changing it's type, or maybe the trade is limited to 1 trade each century of years!!!! xDDD


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        again NO!

        unless you implement like 0.5% chance only of getting the unit you want in trading...
        so yes you can trade/sell your unit, pay 1 gem for that........but only small tiny to get what you want...
        maybe RNGsus will consider it....


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