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  • Reworking Brave Frontier Global

    As one of the brave frontier veterans, I have noticed that things aren't going as well as they should in Brave frontier nowadays.
    Here is a list of things that can be improved.

    Rare summon gate issues
    1. Too many garbage summons. With all the new and OP units in circulation. You cannot imagine a players disappointment on summoning a THUNDERBIRD or any related unit near its batch. IMO anything below the LUTHER batch is pretty much horrible in the current game meta, excepting SHIDA, and a few.

    Solution: Remove THUNDERBIRD batch, VAMPIRE batch from RS GATE ever. Alternatively Revamp the units to have more viability in the new game, EG, give Douglas a spark buff that can STACK with other spark buff and im pretty sure many ppl would be more willing to spend gems to summon it.

    Make a better deal, like spend 10 gems to GUARRANTEE a new unit summon.

    2. Soul bound saga units and the like.
    I would actually COMMEND the developers for developing Ultor, Tridon and Hadron (pls just call them by their original names).
    Their skill mechanics are INNOVATIVE and actually bring something new to the game, TRIDON shield was awesome until you nerfed it. SADLY I cant say the same for the new global units. They either all already have buffs that are far inferior to existing units or have overriding buffs or are simply just units that aren't as good. Example, BONNIE has a multi elment buff that is similar to the SIBYLS and is OUTCLASSED by KWAID and SHIDA. If you want ppl to spend money summoning units, MAKE IT WORTH THE GEMS. BETTER STILL, let the PLAYERS MAKE SUGGESTION!

    Make a forum event asking them to design proper units.

    What do you think?

    Monetizing BF
    Players, do you think BF should,
    Give gems with purchase of merchandise, IE, 5 gems for every purchse of iphone cases.
    Used ads sponsorship in exchange for rewards
    Get BF to create vanity items .

  • #2
    Actually, Douglas got buffed. It has the highest DC for SBB.

    60 Dropchecks. Not even Maxwell can match it.


    • Sidney
      Sidney commented
      Editing a comment
      I think the bigger issue probably horrible stats and survival compared to the new units. I wish I knew how games like Magic the Gathering does its meta to give old units value

    • Not4rent
      Not4rent commented
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      I don't see a problem since they go around buffing some units by giving those unit 7* evolution. Since we moved on to 7*, rebalancing 6* will be moot.

    • Sidney
      Sidney commented
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      I do wish they'd remove thunderbird and Eric from rare summon. If they do give thunderbird a seven star....