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  • Pros and Cons of Reworking Arena rewards + Trading System

    I have seen ideas revolving around these two topics for a while, so I decided to just make a pros and cons list of what people have been thinking/posting into a list. Don't mean to plagiarize anyone's ideas.

    Arena Rewards Fix/Balance

    What is it?
    Revamp of the arena rewards - Not entire list, but for some items.

    Some rewards given do not reflect the amount of effort placed into getting to the rank.

    For instance - Soul Spear (40% chance of absorbing 40-60% of damage dealt)
    -Given at rank Virtuoso (Rank 14) - [46,000 arena pts]
    -Given at rank Divine (Rank 37) - [324,000 arena pts]
    -Given at 500,000 points in Frontier Hunter (End)

    Pros (That support change)
    -Why give the same item that has already been given at 46,000 points?
    -Where this sphere seems pretty cool/unique when you first look at it, it's usefulness is somewhat low as you progress into late game content.
    -Units that are able to increase HC drop rate can restore most HP bars to full, making this item somewhat obsolete.
    -Giving this item for achieving a rank of Divine (37 - 324,000 arena points) doesn't make much sense, nor is it useful for someone that has played for that long.
    -Giving items that are increasingly better as you achieve a higher rank makes more sense + it gives people an incentive to progress in the arena.

    Cons (That resist change)
    -Changing it now would mean players that have achieved a higher rank miss out on a new item. (Unless Gummi gives everyone above that rank the item - somehow)

    Other possible rewards that need a change

    Phoenix Eye (Heals 200-400hp +10% Rec every turn)
    -Given at Rank Aether (Rank 42) - [439,000 arena pts]
    -A Better version (Heals 500-1000 + 10% Rec Every turn) + Easier to attain from (previous) Frontier Hunter (650,000 pts) - (Terminus)
    -Easily crafted in town - Abyss Stone (3), Blood Pelt (3), Blue Bone (10), Blue Bug (20), Comet Bug (3), Green Bone (5), Green Bug (10), Red Bone (10), Red Bug (10)

    Blessed Robe (Adds 30% Chance of damage taken being decreased by 30%)
    -Given at Rank Supreme (Rank 38) - [345,000 arena pts]
    -A slightly weaker version (Monster robe - 30% chance to decrease damage by 20%) crafted in town - Blue Pelt (10), Green Pelt (5), Guardian Eye (3), Honor Bone (20)
    -Monster Robe will most likely be given an upgrade later.

    Maybe I'm a little biased with this one, but I think a balance would be nice. It just makes more sense that a higher rank should give a better item, not one that can be made relatively easily from the town or one that has already been given.

    Instead of changing rewards, making it easier to progress in the arena might be better? Although this might be unfair for people who have already put in a lot of time working their way up.
    -Increase points attained from arena battles? Increase cap from 200pts to 250pts?

    Not a super contreversial topic, just more of a logical thought of giving better items at higher ranks. Like with most of these thoughts, I don't have a 100% full proof alternative that everyone will agree on. It just seems silly for others to grind for a week and a half in the arena for a soul spear.

    -Trading System-

    What is it?
    Trading system to trade units between players.
    Trading system to trade old units + Gems for new ones.

    People don't want to spend more gems and real money doing rare summons.

    Pros (That support trading system)
    -Less Money and gems involved
    -Players can trade units they already have for units they don't yet have/units they need.
    -More balanced - for players who are F2P?
    -The game seem money driven. Those who are willing to give more cash get better results.
    -Less players will 'rage quit' after rare summoning
    -Rare summoning is addictive at times.

    Cons (That resist the idea of the trading system)
    -Gummi is a company. Like ANY company, they are interested in making money.
    -Everyone has bills to pay, mouths to feed. If you don't like the notion of spending real money on a game - don't spend any. Brave frontier is *FREE* to play.
    -As a growing company their need for staff + Server capacity will increase. This would undoubtedly mean more money is required to pay the staff, maintain equipment and servers.
    -Honestly, when you have a stable job, $50-$100 every month or so for rare summons is nothing - Instead of having $30 worth of casual drinks on a Friday night with your work mates this money can go to gems?. (Although i sense that a lot of players are students who are as poor as dirt and can't afford crap - don't worry, I was one. I know the feels)
    -No matter how you see it, money talks. Pay more for a car = better car (Most of the time). Pay more for a holiday = more luxury. Pay more for gems = more chance of units you want.

    Personally I am against a trading system. I DON'T think the game is severely unbalanced as it is. The real issue I have is game stability and release of new content - but that's a different topic. A trading system would hugely impact gem sales on Gummi's standpoint, and although I would love the idea of having to pay less for units I want, this is not a viable option on Gummi's end. I am not entirely sure of the demographics of the people who complain, but I do see a lot of whining, flaming and spamming on BF's Facebook at times - leading me to believe that they are most likely younger and immature + lack money to spend on a game. This probably gives them a huge amount of frustration when they fail to summon a unit they want.

    Some alternatives I came up with + Ones I have seen people suggest.
    -Instead of trying to bridge the gap between Free to play users and Pay to play users, maybe focus more on making it easier for EVERYONE. No matter what, P2P users will always have an advantage.
    -Decrease chance of old unit summoning, especially with a subsequent summon. (From experience getting 3 Orna's out of 10 summons isn't ideal)
    -More freebies. Like JP brave frontier, they are more generous with the gems. If you get the unit you want from the free gems - good for you. If you didn't - unlucky. Go outside and play a sport, knit or do something else.

    This is a controversial topic and everyone has their own opinion on this. People probably assume that I am a P2P user as I don't agree with the trading system, and they're half correct. I have spent money on the game. Around $200 over the course of 12 months. This ultimately comes down to what you believe is worth spending money on. If you enjoy playing BF, it's a hobby you enjoy and you want to support the game - go ahead, pay for some gems to make the game easier. But for those who feel frustrated after failing to summon what they need - before you want to complain, remember this. BF is GAME for you to ENJOY. If you are getting more frustration than enjoyment, the answer's simple.

    Don't play.

    Try not to slam gummi of being 100% money hungry. People will always try to make money - despite how greedy it seems. The game is free to play. If you want more perks - work for it! Get a job, spend less on going out, spend less on clothes. And IF you're really struggling for cash, you probably shouldn't be playing brave frontier, a game is probably the least of your concerns.
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    This is a long thread, will edit with my thoughts as I read along. I think you got mixed up early on.

    You mixed up the points of Virtuoso and Divine.

    Edit: Reached the cons of your arena rewards point. There was a cap back then, where you arena rank would stay at the rank of 'Chaos,' eventually they updated it and people who had A LOT of points far beyond that rank, got rewarded accordingly for all the ranks they surpassed. It's certainly possible to gift people the rewards for those who surpassed the ranks with silly rewards.

    I guess I'll just leave it at that. I've always been anti-trade
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    • Hello6151
      Hello6151 commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks for your feedback! I'll correct the virtuso and divine mistake.

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    Arena would be better if a point display was labeled when searching for a foe. When the bug existed it was reasonable to go up points though now searching for a significantly higher battle count only to find that player having less points, but everything else is fine in how the arena works. As far as repeated summons would be cool to trade in repeated units for daily task points since those points are used for summon tickets. Points per exchange can be determined by gumi, for this is a balance that will encourage players to play daily even after doing multiple summonswho had a very bad luck. I agree that a trading system with unit for unit exchange would break the game, though a unit exchange with gumi would change the attitude of reciving repeated units sometimes ar the cost of real currency. I habe 10 sets of tripletes but also have many useful units meta tier. Luck comes and goes. Keep playibg and it'll get better even if the rng has smited the rs door, you'll be back there even if you dont want to


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      I am also against trading as this will imply new hackers and abusers not to mentioned scammers. Even if you assume that a company will ensure that the trading will be safe there is no guaranteed that all of them will be prevented.

      I also like the way you support the company. Makes me think that Gumi is now a good company and I also think that the reasons why the new contents and Raid were delayed because their version is not the same as Japan (I hate it when people compared Global to Japan). Japan released Raid along with the ver. of 1.30 something while in Global it is currently in 1.25 or something, which makes sense. Plus, I think the reason why Global causes server issues too often and not Japan is because that Global has many players than Japan and Japan has less players then Global (Less players means less server) but little by little they are trying to improve their system. Lets give the company a chance. People have feelings and I am sure they have it.

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