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  • Frontier Hunter EX Season 42

    Frontier Hunter EX Season 42
    September 13, 20:00 PST - September 18, 19:59 PST

    Earn higher rewards as you increase your Hunter Rank (HR) at the Randal City Survey Office. This season, 20 Hunter Ranks (HR 81-100) have been added! Gain more rewards with these by taking on its Quests for the Frontier Hunter Season 42!

    Refer to the table below regarding the rewards from HR 81 up to HR 100:
    HR 81 Burst Emperor x9
    HR 82 Imbued Tablet Elgif
    Piercing Cry
    Adds Def ignoring effect to attack, considerably raises normal hit amount & normal attacks may hit all enemies.
    HR 83 Void Tablet Emgif x5
    HR 84 Sphere
    Shield of Valor
    Damage taken may considerably restore HP, fully restores HP each turn for 1 turn when BC collected has exceeded certain amount, considerably boosts Atk, Def, Rec relative to remaining HP & slight probability of enormous damage reduction
    HR 85 Almighty Imp Arton x9
    HR 86 Imbued Tablet Elgif
    Extermination Cut
    Boosts elemental damage & 60% boost to Spark damage
    HR 87 Sphere
    Legacy Blade
    Enormously boost BB Atk, 60% boost to Atk, max HP % raises max Atk value to 150,000
    HR 88 Sphere Frog x9
    HR 89 Imbued Tablet Elgif
    Sacred Shield's Blessing
    Boosts elemental damage & 60% boost to Spark damage
    HR 90 Unit: Callow Shadow Grahdens
    A Mock Unit that replicates the powers of Grahdens when he was young. Given that he often acted to back Owen up on their adventures in Grand Gaia, Grahdens's abilities were not held in exceptionally high regard around the time of the Summoners' Hall's founding. However, Grahdens's strengths tended toward snap battlefield decision-making and perfectly-tuned support, eventually earning him an equal position in the duo of "Owen the Mighty and Grahdens the Clever." Eventually, he was so highly regarded that debate broke out over whether he or Owen was stronger.
    HR 91 Burst Emperor x10
    HR 92 Sphere
    Ishkravol Crown
    Enormously boosts BC, HC drop rates, 30% boost to all parameters, hugely boosts OD gauge fill rate, resistance against 1 KO attack after activating OD & 2 turn slight damage reduction from all types when BC collected exceeds certain amount
    HR 93 Void Tablet Emgif x5
    HR 94 Imbued Tablet Elgif
    First God's Blessing
    40% boost to all parameters & negates critical and Spark damage
    HR 95 Almighty Imp Arton x10
    HR 96 Sphere
    Altiste Talisman
    150% boost to Spark damage, negates all status ailments, boosts BB Atk for 1 turn when damage dealt has exceeded certain amount, activates Light barrier when damage taken exceeds certain amount & negates critical, elemental damage for 2 turns
    HR 97 Sphere Frog x10
    HR 98 Imbued Tablet Elgif
    Heroic Spirit's Glory
    Boosts critical hit rate, adds all elements to attack, hugely boosts elemental damage & considerably boosts critical damage
    HR 99 Unit:Callow Flame Owen
    A Mock Unit that replicates the powers of Owen when he was young. Given his boasts that he is "always at his best," it's no surprise that Owen exhibited an incredible amount of strength around the time the Summoners' Hall was founded, or that he was an ideal that young Summoners strove to emulate. This gave rise to debate over whether Owen or Grahdens was stronger, leading Owen to take up a sword to settle the matter. However, those around him desperately strove to placate him, and the two never actually fought. Debate on the topic was subsequently forbidden throughout the Summoners' Hall.
    HR100 Sphere
    Daltisk Phenomenon
    Boosts all BB gauge related abilities

    NOTE: You will also be able to gain +1 HR when you fall into any of the following:

    ● 1st-10th Top Total Ranking
    ● 11th-55555th in Ranking by Peer Players

    The current limit for HR is 100.
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