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  • Frontier Hunter EX Season 40

    More exciting rewards await in Frontier Hunter Season 40 with the new additional 20 Hunter Ranks! Rise from the ranks starting July 12, 20:00 PST until July 17, 19:59 PST.

    Please refer to the table below for the rewards from HR 61 to HR 80:
    HR61 Burst Emperor x7
    HR62 Imbued Tablet Elgif
    Plague God's Curse
    Probable random status ailment infliction, probable random status ailment
    counter & hugely boosts damage against status afflicted foes.
    HR63 Void Tablet Emgif x4
    HR64 Sphere
    Transmuting Tome
    45% boost to all parameters, enormously boosts BB Atk & fills BB gauge to
    max when damage dealt exceeds a certain amount.
    HR65 Almighty Imp Arton x7
    HR66 Imbued Tablet Elgif
    Honorable Style
    Hugely boosts OD gauge fill rate & raises normal hit amount.
    HR67 Sphere
    Magishot Mk.VII
    Considerably boosts BB Atk, enormously boosts elemental
    damage, 50% boost to Atk & boosts BB gauge when damage
    dealt exceeds a certain amount.
    HR68 Sphere Frog x7
    HR69 Imbued Tablet Elgif
    Glory's Bounty
    30% boost to Atk, Def, hugely boosts BC, HC drop rates & slightly boosts BC efficacy
    HR70 Sphere
    Dark Age Bow
    150% boost to Spark damage and Spark damage boosts BB
    gauge, adds Fire, Water, Earth, Thunder elements to attack
    for 3 turns when Sparks exceed certain amount & probable
    20% damage reduction.
    HR71 Burst Emperor x8
    HR72 Imbued Tablet Elgif
    Shield of Fortune
    25% boost to max HP & negates critical damage and Def ignoring effects
    HR73 Void Tablet Emgif x5
    HR74 Sphere
    Harmony Vestments
    Considerably reduces BB gauge required for BB, 50% boost to Def, negates all status ailments & damage taken may restore HP.
    HR75 Almighty Imp Arton x8
    HR76 Imbued Tablet Elgif
    Lightning Victory
    Boosts critical hit rate and damage & critical damage adds probable 1 turn Atk, Def reduction effect to next turn.
    HR77 Sphere
    Arcane Defenses
    10% damage reduction, boosts Def, Rec when BB gauge is high & damage taken considerably boosts BB gauge.
    HR78 Sphere Frog x8
    HR79 Imbued Tablet Elgif
    Soothing Anthem
    50% boost to max HP & hugely restores HP and BB gauge each turn.
    HR80 Sphere
    Ravening Armor
    50% boost to all parameters, boosts damage reduction while
    guarding, boosts Atk, Def, Rec for 3 turns while guarding,
    negates elemental damage, slight HP absorption & damage
    taken may considerably restore HP.


    You will also be able to gain +1 HR when you fall into any of the following:

    ● 1st-10th Top Total Ranking
    ● 11th-55555th in Ranking by Peer Players

    The current limit for HR is 80.
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