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  • Trial 007 need help!

    Ok so I need help with creating teams to take ark on and so here I am haha. I really appreciate any help as well as any tips you could give as far as otk he does or mitigation ubb needed to survive certain points. Thank you in advance btw, ill get into a little detail with each unit as far as imp number go and if you need a list of spheres please notify in the comments. I will make note of any units that require certain spheres for extra skills, without further ado my units;


    Korzan- imp maxed minus atk(560) anima, Vulcan axe

    Ruby-lvl 57, breaker, no imps

    Griff-lvl 85, breaker, no imps

    Ultor-max, guardian, not maxed imp

    Grandt- max, breaker, not maxed imp

    Lucia- max, max imps minus atk:560

    elimo- max, lord, rec:max

    Colt- max, anima, imp not maxed, (no ice blade, or Claire)

    zerafalgar- max, anima, max minus hp

    Tridon- max, breaker, max imp minus atk, tridons trident

    Haile- max, Lord, max imp, glacies staff

    Reeze- max, guardian, no imps, no reeze's armor

    Tora- max, lord, max imp

    Dion- max, lord, max imp

    Dolk- max, oracle, max imp

    isterio- lvl 76, guardian, no imp's

    Avani- max, oracle, max imp, vorpal chainblades

    Elaina- max, anima, max imp

    Lugina- max, lord, imp not max, sky harbinger

    Griel- max, lord, max imp

    Shera- max, guardian, not maxed imp

    Rahgan- max, breaker, not maxed imp

    Reud- max, guardian, not maxed imp

    Radia- max, guardian, def and rec maxed

    Zedus- max, breaker, imp maxed, spear of zedus

    Deimos- max, oracle, max hp, forgebreaker

    Raaga- max, anima, hp and def max

    Krantz- max, anima, imp maxed minus def

    Melchio- max, breaker, maxed imp minus rec, white armor

    Kira- max, breaker, not maxed imp

    Fadahl- max, breaker, not imp maxed

    Charla- max, oracle, max imp

    Allanon- max, anima, max imped

    Gazia- max, lord, hp rec maxed

    Feeva- max, anima, max imp

    Ivris- maxed, breaker, max imp

    Kafka- maxed, guardian, def max

    Hadaron- max, lord, max Imp, axe of hadaron

    Zenia,-max, lord, max imp, obsidian core amplifier

    Nyami-- max, breaker, max imp

    Magress- max, breaker, not maxed imp

    Febros- max, guardian, not maxed imp

    Melina- lvl 102, breaker, def max

    these are just my 7*s I have a lot more units if curious just ask for names, once again thank you for the help also if you have info for cursed fire armor and princess and the knight it would be greatly appreciated! have an amazing day!

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