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  • A brief overview of what i suggest for FH 12

    Frontier Hunter 12: What’s going on?

    Stage 1:
    • Ragnaberus
    • Gigas
    • Lotan
    • Finkell
    >3 turn this stage

    This is a type of stage where destroying the enemy very easy but not really profitable points wise. Ragnaberus and Gigas both have slightly more resistance than the other two but for the most part they all lose hp at relatively the same speed. DO NOT BUST THROUGH THIS STAGE. This stage is easily you’re biggest point bank with four opponents.

    1st turn you’ll fujin Shida, and two to three of your highest hitting units and use normal attacks on either Ragnaberus or Gigas for those without bb. DO NOT activate any attack, crit, or spark buffs on this turn. Once you’ve generated enough BC to fill everyone’s gauges (very easy to do), use your highest hitting units without activating any boosts first, followed by your hard hitting boosts. The hope is that you attack as much as you can without distributing too much power. On your 3rd and last turn, use an attack potion, and then spam everyone with all your power. With a decent spark squad you should produce at least 350k on this round, assuming all four of your opponents are still alive on your 3rd attack.

    Stage 2:
    • Douglas
    • Darvan
    >2 turn this stage

    This round is pretty tricky. It looks like Gumi got clever and prevented a way for us to get 3 solid bb spam attacks on both units. Darvan basically has an hp threshold/turn based code where he kills himself after Douglas' 20% hp is passed and after two turns. After your first attack, Darvan places a shield over himself and Douglas. The shield is strong enough to fend off moderate to weak attacks. Darvan will also provide a water buff as well to Douglas and himself. If you attack both Darvan/Douglas with any significant force for your first two turns, Darvan will on his 2nd turn self-destruct and slaughter your squad unless you have mitigation up.

    From what I can see, killing both and Douglas on your 2nd turn is your best bet. I’ve tried various ways all yielding the same result. Your goal is on turn one you activate your power boosts and knock Douglas’s hp down as far as it will go WITHOUT killing either him or Darvan. On your 2nd turn just repeat the process. It’s simple, quick, and efficient. You’re only concern should be not OTKing this round.

    Stage 3:
    • Narza
    >3 turn this stage

    This stage is very basic as long as you finish it in 3 turns. He will typically give himself a few buffs but none of them either deal much damage nor prevent you from dealing any. Because this is a one unit stage, your only concern within a 3 turn win is BC gen (ha! That rhymed!)

    NOTE: Occasionally Narza will perform an AoE attack that removes your buffs. This is pretty rare for me but it does happen.

    Assuming you’re running a bb spam type squad and have leaders that help sustain your bb gauges, you’ll want to bb spam him till he’s dead. On your first turn, activate all power boosts and hit him as hard as you can. After that, gauge how much damage he can take and go from there. On your last turn there’s one big thing you need to consider: Can I hit him with everything I’ve got and receive a great “overkill” and “spark” bonus while filling up my gauges up for the next stage? If you can’t, do not attempt. Just use what attacks you use to make sure he dies and you have full gauges for the next stage.

    Stage 4:
    • Weiss
    • Ziz (Ardas)
    • Phoenix
    >3 turn this stage

    This is a pretty straightforward stage in the sense of their not having mass amounts of ailments or threshold self-destruct moves. The only “hey that’s not cool” is the fact that Phoenix is squishy. If you go all out, you’ll end up killing Phoenix before Weiss is even close to dying.

    Note: Occasionally on turn 2 Ziz paralyze some of your units. If this happens just use remove the ailments and apply an atk potion on your last turn.

    Your approach will be similar to the stage 1 approach. You’ll use your high hitting units first without activating any power boosts, followed by your hard hitting units (space their attacks out if they’re too strong). On your second turn use your high hitting units first again and use Shera/Darv to ST Weiss, then use your hard hitting units again. If you do this right you should spark the ST attack, bring Weiss down quite a bit and Phoenix should still be alive. Since Phoenix is really squishy, that is your standard as to how much damage to deal. If he dies, your points for the round will drop significantly.

    Stage 5:
    • Mariudeth
    • Hogar
    >3 turn this stage

    This is the by the most “normal” stage of this FH. Both Hogar and Mariudeth have around the same resistance and hp. One will usually have SLIGHTLY less hp, so just keep an eye out for who it is. Because both units hit hard, especially on turn 2, it’s really important you have mitigation up every turn.

    There’s two ways to approach this stage: you can either attack full on first turn or hope that you can trickle in attacks after that and hope you don’t kill any one OR you can use the same step 1 as stage 4 and then attack full out turn two UNLESS they’re already almost dead. In that case you’ll just use normal attacks to get their hp as low as possible. Regardless of which way, you’ll want to control the amount of damage being dealt and produce as many spark possible. On turn 3 all you should be doing is finishing the job.

    Stage 6:
    • Zebra
    • Zurg
    • Mare
    >3 turn this stage but kill Mare on turn 2

    This is another stage with a tricky kill cycle. Similar to Phoenix in stage 4, Mare has less hp than anyone else. However, this is a good thing. Mare will create some major chaos for you on her turn by removing everyone’s buffs and basically all of your bb. You can avoid this by killing her on your 2nd turn. While Mare does have less hp than everyone else, it varies per stage and at times she will only a sliver of hp less than Zebra. Just keep an eye out for this. If it’s necessary you’ll have to use a ST attack from someone to offset this.

    NOTE: You will be cursed at least once, possibly +3 times regardless of what you do (unless you’re running a status null lead).

    Go all out on your turn one. This will reveal the hp difference between Mare and Zebra. If it’s large then you should be ok to repeat step one as long as everyone is above 35-40%. The only difference in this case is that you might have to space out your attacks to avoid too much damage thereby killing Mare AND Zebra. If this is done correctly, Mare should die. This will eliminate your buffs and bb being removed while still allowing for a great amount of overkill points from Zebra and Zurg after turn 3. On your third turn use an atk potion for extra damage/overkill points.

    What units/spheres I’m using and why
    1. Lario (Urius/Sol)- I chose these spheres because Lario isn’t a strong unit and I wanted to make sure he always has sbb. Urius increases bb gauge fill rate by 40% while increasing atk/def by 30%. Since this Lario is Anima, his hp is tolerable without a boost. I also chose Sol because Lario produces a great amount of BC in his sbb. I control is damage output by leaving his sbb at 4.
    2. Lario (Xentar/Sol)- I chose this sphere specifically because guardians do not have as much power as other types and I wanted to give him a little boost while helping him produce even more BC and have more survivability. His sbb is 6 to compensate for his low attack power
    3. Lario (Legwand)- Given that he is a breaker type, it was really important that I raised his def/hp because he’s pretty squishy without imps. I did not dual-sphere him because I wanted to see if I would have enough BC gen without a 4th Sol and I do. Sbb1
    4. Shida (Legwand/Ihirs)- Since Shida’s stats aren’t too great and his bb requires so much bc, it only made sense to put a sphere that reduces the amount needed (by 20% to be accurate) and helped his stats. Sbb10
    5. Shera (Leomurg/Sol)- Shera is a powerhouse of a unit. She produces a great amount of BC and has pretty solid stats. Because she is a Breaker type and has max attack imps, I wanted to stay away from adding to that power. Naturally since I want her to stay alive, I put Leomurg on her to help sustain hp and give a good boost to her def (which is lacking given her type). Sbb10 fully imped
    6. Friends- Because my squad is focused on sparks/bc gen, I always choose either Elza or Rosetta leads. Both of these will help me sustain bb and give me a strong spark damage boost.

    Currently my highest score for a 3 turn strategy is 2,378,859