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  • Aolady's BFGL VLOG (Will it Continue???)

    This is still a test version btw. I planned to edit this video into a mini vlog and post the revised version but! First, I need a proper program, lol! At least a program to include the recording of my voice to the video! ^3^

    [Aolady's VLOG #1] - How To Get Rid A Unit You Don't Want

    Despite the dramatic video description, the video itself doesn't contain my rant and my cries, which is good! LOLOLOL.
    So! The story is :

    I finally tried the Resummon Gate! Yay? I got Quaid (A) ← dupe, and Shura (L) ← non dupe.
    I decided to re-summon Quaid, a decision that I regretted heavily several seconds later... well, at first, I was happy because I saw black gate. But it turned to be....

    "Oh Holy Emperor Karna Masta, please give me back my dupe Quaid!!!" that was what inside my mind when I saw that.The rest, you can check the video description.

    Until now, I am still regretting my decision... and i still want my Quaid back... I know it's futile (hahaha), so I hope that Quaid still want to show up in my account even for once more!!! :'D

    For you who watched this video, this is how to get rid the units you don't want without getting too much disadvantages. Why? Saving up merit points is always good for the future!!! Trust me!!!
    Last edited by aolady; 01-20-2017, 03:15 AM.

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    Proper Vlog is now up! ^^


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      LOL, give poor Serge some love will you
      He has died too many times is your hand.

      Anyway, good video.
      Though I think you should categorize them so it's easy to find the BF one.

      PS: I see plenty of cats there in your other video


      • aolady
        aolady commented
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        No. And never will I love him. :P

        Thanks btw! And sorry for the sudden rant in the middle of the video lololol.

        Oh, yeah, errr, I think I have to work on my channel... As you see, it was originally a personal channel /shy.

        I have a cat~ yes~ hehehe

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      aolady Just wondering if you would still do your BFGL Vlog?? Like your voice very much. Cursing Serge escalated that quickly though. =D
      Last edited by NightCrawler; 04-20-2017, 12:07 AM.


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        Have no idea what to record tho :'3


        • NightCrawler
          NightCrawler commented
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          lol. maybe a walkthrough or tips in the game for newbies or you can just share your experience. =)

        • Rated222
          Rated222 commented
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          The dangers of not gifting. A pull vid. How to make delicious pudding?
          Or a vlog on how to set 3 friend leads. Some ppl still have just the 1 set ._.

        • aolady
          aolady commented
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          Setting 3 FLs? Hmmm... Considered

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        Ooh I just got an idea on what your next vid could be xD
        What about a challenge run? Like, I challenge you to run the last lvl of the lancelot dungeon using only free units attainable by all players?


        • NightCrawler
          NightCrawler commented
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          This idea is great. It's more challenging and can also help other players.