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  • Judgement Day : Liberators

    Good Day Summoners.
    Sorry for not active on the forum. Because i was too busy with my schedule. As i mention before, i won't be doing any unit design anymore, as i will be focusing on my comic which may release somewhere in November? (May push to Dec. Tight schedule) So. Here is the only sneak peak i can reveal, other works like characters, concepts, background, vehicles and etc are still progressing.

    Set in a fictional planet call Serena, a gigantic Alien race call the Unknown, has taken over and the invasion last 21 years. All the Nations across the planet have form a International Counter Offensive faction, known as the United Alliance Federation, have pool everything they have. However, things got worse and they have no other alternatives but to immediately lid a green light for GHOST (Garrison Homeland Operations and Special Tactics) Squad. A 4 men elite squad who specialize in dangerous operations, in a dangerous environment.
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    Nice one
    Remember that quality is more important then worrying about deadline.


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      Originally posted by Shironui View Post
      Nice one
      Remember that quality is more important then worrying about deadline.

      Thx Shironui. More updates will be posted. Along with characters bio.


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        Its been a long day. Sorry for the M.I.A.
        Comics scripts are on the works. Characters have been planned out. Here's a little preview of my work in progress.

        These are the 2 characters which will be appearing in my comics. They are the main protagonist in my storyline (for the time being)



        And here is my comic work.


        • Shironui
          Shironui commented
          Editing a comment
          Will be waiting for the background as well

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        As continued from previous post

        A) CPT Afa "Noah" Noa'i

        - Half soldier, full badass. A outstanding individual among the squad. When it comes to hand to hand combat, or melee face off. Noah have no problem when it comes to these. Born in the wrestling family. Noah want to make sure that his family tradition survives.

        B) MAJ Dominic "Wolf" Sander
        - Leader of G.H.O.S.T, a former retired Special Force unit who want to live quietly in peace. However, the invasion totally destroy his life entirely, including his wife and son. Who both meet tragic ends. In the hands of the invaders.
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          1LT Angelique "Angel" Shawna
          - Fighter Pilot and the leader of Squadron "Freedom". A lady no one dare to mess with, even officers higher than her rank.


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            Alright, now penciling my last page of first issue. Time to shadowing and adding bubbles.
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              Update : This project will be postpone as something has happen to him.


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                This guy reminds me or Resident Evil somehow. XD Love the art style btw. :3


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                  Pretty awesome artwork.
                  Hopefully the project will start up again, you have a good thing going~


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