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  • Art Contest 2nd Quarter Questions

    From my understanding, there's a lot of information that needs to be provided along with the unit art for the contest. Are the winners, then, judged based off of the quality of their art alone, or are the positions given based off of the unit itself, as a whole? Also, if I were to provide some drawings, would they need to be colored - in other words, will I be judged on color as well? I, personally, dislike coloring my art. A LOT. Especially since I only do hand-drawn art, so coloring poses a high risk of ruining the finished piece, and, usually, it turns out that it was better when it was simply a black-and-white contrast. I'll likely enter the contest with about three units soon, if they don't need to be colored. It will still take some time before I enter them, though, because I didn't realize we needed the story and stats before I drew them; so I still need to write that down. Ehehe... Oops? Any replies are greatly appreciated; thanks!