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  • WrathDraco does BF Art

    Titles? Heh, I'm not that creative. Anyway...

    I just happen to draw some stuff, and it just so happened that I have taken quite a liking for drawing Brave Frontier characters. So why not.

    Allow me to start with my first full Brave Frontier fan art that I did a while back:

    whoop, don't know if I'm doing this right. Anyway, done as a tribute for my two favourite units, just after the Six Heroes got their 6-Stars upgrade, I used these two as my leaders all the time back then. I was going to use these as part of my signature for forums or something, but I spent so long on it that I eventually gave up and decided not to have some fancy picture signature because I am a lazy bum.

    Well, all that aside, enjoy! I know people don't like these units at all now with their ridiculous outdating, but nonetheless, these two units will always have a place in my... uh, unit inventory. I still use them for BB fodder farming, though.

    Here's my second piece:

    It's a birthday gift for a friend who really likes Zephyr!

    Also, the watermark in the pictures is my deviantArt URL! For more of my works, you can check them out here:

    These are just my complete digital works, though. They take a very long time to complete due to me being busy with life, so I sketch them quite regularly too! Should I post some sketches here? Feel free to ask for them! You can even specify units and maybe I'll have a sketch of them done!
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    found you~ :^)
    Anyway, nice drawings! And the Zephyr is so cute~


    • VM06 Alrick
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      I think Heidt is much better he's adorable there~

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    Good job on your artworks! Hope to see more of it


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      Like your style, specially that zephyr you put some hours in that work I guess... Nicely done!


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        Thanks everyone! Here's a little test artwork of sorts I did a while back to try out one-layer painting. Probs not my best work, but I figured that it was better than a plain sketch.

        It's actually also done as a cover for a fanfiction I did, and in hindsight, I don't think a crying Will is enough to show what the fanfic is about.


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          Very nice indeed.


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            Nice artwork and style. Thread title is also acceptable =P


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              Oh, I didn't know it's already back. I'll just leave this here, my current best~ I really spent a lot of time on this. Months, even. Started right after I was blown away by his 6-Star reveal.

              As you can probably tell, I really like Heidt. Here he is in my game~

              (I also give him a Legwand Gem or Urias along with an Advent Solace sometimes. Also, more Imps. XD)
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                indeed! That Heidt is <3
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                  I hope this works.

                  I found the original template in Japanese, on Pixiv, and thought I'd do it. For everyone's convenience, I also translated everything. Yes, it only goes up to Lorand's batch. Kinda wanna add a few more batches, though. Don't know if I'll go through with it, but we'll see.

                  Various running jokes in-bound, and I sincerely apologise if profanities aren't allowed here. There's is moderate swearing in there since I was initially thinking of limiting my audience for this thing.


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                    I guess we can say that Loch is sane enough to keep Edea sane. Maybe. xP


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                      They are so cute hahahaha that Lorand..
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                        Haha, wow, that's awesome. xD I, for one, would welcome you adding the rest.


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                          My favourite Unit!

                          Effects are really fun to draw!
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                            ahhh Amy.. I love her spear <3
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