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  • I need your opinion about this, so meanwhile the more can answer the better...

    Hi, I've been in this game since Ardin's SG and tbh I cannot remember another f**k up to F2P and P2P (since is their money the one that is keeping this game alive) from Gumi's side bigger than this:
    Rahotep isn't anymore a summonable unit, but a LE unit:

    Link to the VA fire resummon post where says it:

    Img that proof the above thing:

    Img that SHOWS Rahotep was supposed to be a perma unit (image from user of Reddit, thanks to Mitch_Twd):

    If you enter on GR room and go to help then to room ot says that now only officers or higher ranks can open rooms, thus leaving all the members out making it almost impossible to farm Guild Tokens (besides of donating).

    The only 100 players that can get the new VA sphere (basically telling the summoners to spend money if they want the sphere, specially now since we have an almost 100% win rate on Arena and CA due to the big amount of UoC that has been lately).

    And last but not least the ridiculous amount of LEgacys (LE units) released and re-released lately.

    So, what do you think about this? tbh I feel horrible for all this, Gumi is treating the F2P like trash and the P2P like Milk Cows to get money...
    I don't know what else to say, I believe this speaks by itself.

    If I forgot something, feel free to add it.

    TBH, I think we have to tell GUMI to stop this nonsense, this is just WAY too much for everyone... even for GUMI's greedness, f**k even for any greedy is too much... this is not business strategy, this is pure and absolute greed...
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    Maybe Limited Edition unit means the unit's availability is not as frequent as other units in the game? 'Cause I think there are some LE units which then became available in resummon/event gates. Though I can't recall which units. And yes, I've seen that Reddit thread as well. Maybe in the future, Gumi will make that VA sphere available in the Exchange Hall or Event Bazaar.