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  • I'm considering replacing Shion as my Lead unit entirely

    My current squad is comprised of Shion (L), Beiorg, Felice, Fei and Fang, and Hisui. I'm wondering if there is a better unit than Shion that I could be using in his place both as leader and as a member of the squad. Thinking Beiorg might be worth replacing Shion as leader. If I'm right about what I've researched, then to round out my team more for high-end content, I'd want to consider replacing Shion with a crit/spark unit? I know Shion is kinda really valuable in regards to leveling, so I'm keeping him as my lead for the story mode and whatnot, but I'm looking to replace him for doing actually hard content like events in general and stuff.

    My units are as follows-

    Fire: Natalame, Ciara, Bestie, Vermillion, Kulyuk, Rengaku, Alessa

    Water: Savia, Farzen, Soleil, Hugh, Charlotte, Medina, Iris, Sareas, Vern, Azami, Mariela, Asto

    Earth: Felice, Hisui, Serge, Mariletta, Faelan, Tora, Libera, Rozalia, Lanza, Freed, Baro, Fei and Fang

    Thunder: Eleanor, Ewan, Zora, Ragra, Kanon, Merkabah, Silas, Fizz, Beiorg,

    Light: Kira, Garrel, Janice, Diastima, Elphelt, Sirius, Layla, Krishna, Agress, Fina (old version), Allanon, Gabriela

    Dark: Sonia, Shion, Zeek, Ramlethal, Elza, Charis

    Also, I'm not sure what I want out of a friend unit either, so advice on picking that would be helpful. Typically I use Jack-O' or Regil depending on what I'm going into for the activity.

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    If you want a Crit/Spark Leader try Arthur if you can get one. You still have a few hours till the summon gate closes.