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  • help putting together a new team and/or adjusting my current

    So I have been on Brave on and off since it first released in 2013 and have a lot of units but no real idea which are amazing anymore which are trash and would like some advice help you know.
    Current set up- Krantz, Avant, Rozalia, Fizz, Elza.

    I have been running this team for a while and its been doing fairly well but I want to either change it a bit to make it better or put together a new team fully.

    Units I have (not posting rarity due to the fact I can evolve any of them to max in a day, also sorry there are so many)

    Asto Aurelia Azurai Andaria Avani Astall Alice Alpha Aaron Alyut Berdette Balgran Charlotte Cyan Colt

    Charla Charis Drevas Dolk Dolgrag Diragaze Dion Deimos Elania (Fei and Fang) Farzen Feeva Fadahl Gabriela

    Gyras Haido Iris ​Ionia Kagura Korzan Kyo Karl Kafka Lunaris Laberd Lucia Libera Luly Lance

    Lugina Limera Michele Mifune Magress Melchio Mizerka Melina Narza Noah Nyami Oguro Quiad Raydn Rigness

    Reeze Rosetta Reis Rubeus Rhoa Rinon Rugrow Signas Silas Sodis Sareas Savia Seria Themis Tridon

    Yuura Zellha Zeruiah Zelnite