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  • Need Help with Team Build

    Hi, i need some help with my team cause recently i pulled abit too much unit to help my squad but i end up dont know which to use or which to build.
    Really need help =(. im level 129 now with only 213 unit cost

    this is currently my unit on hand

    Ignis Halcyon (Omni) oracle
    Mythic Kulyuk (7) Guardian
    Wicked Warrior Shura (7) Guardian
    Dragon Warrior Lyonesse (7) Breaker
    Shining Courage Alessa (7) 2x Breaker & 1x Lord
    Purifying Flame Rugahr (7) Lord
    Ardent Empress Agnia (7) Oracle
    Divine Phoenix (7) Anima
    Lucifer (6) Guardian
    Wicked Warrior Shura (6) Guardian
    Inferno Beast Zegar (6) breaker
    Kyo Kusanagi (6) Lord
    Volcanic Pike Claire (6) Guardian
    Flame Demon Adel (5) Guardian
    God pheonix (5) lord
    Fire Dragoon Ulkina (5) Breaker
    Burning pike claire (5) orcale & Guardian
    Stahn (5) breaker
    Red Witch Shelly (5) Breaker
    Fire knight agni (4) orcale
    Dragon graven (4) breaker
    Fire knight lava (4) anima
    Professor Lorand (4) Breaker
    Red Slash Farlon (4) Lord
    Luther (4) Anima
    Phoenix Knight Arus (4) Guardian & Anima

    Charlotte (7) Lord
    Ocean Slasher Holia (7) Lord
    Indigo Charm Azami (7) Lord
    Decay Demon Melord (7) Breaker
    Just Commander Zalts (7) Guardian
    Frigid Blade Asto (7) Breaker
    Avalanche jack (6) Lord
    Tidal Dragoon Zephu (6) breaker
    Commander Mega (5) breaker
    Lance knight vernil (5) breaker
    Genius Elimo (5) Oracle
    Noah (5) Lord
    Asahi (5) Lord
    Synthesizer Rigness (5) Anima
    Charming Threat Savia (5) Guardian
    Sea Nymph Averus (5) Lord
    Sea Pirate eve (4) Anima
    Tridon (4) Anima
    Rutee (4) Guardian
    Twin Flash Rickel (4) Lord
    Snow Cub Signas (4) Breaker
    Phee (4) Oracle
    Rutee (4) guardian
    Cursed Fei (4) Breaker, Lord, Guardian
    Hail bot reeze (4) orcale
    Aquamancer kuhla (4) orcale
    Brave knight Karl (4) lord
    Cursed fei (4) breaker
    Dean (3) guardian
    Zephu (2) Oracle
    Stya (2) Guardian
    Black Rose Elize (2) Breaker

    Terra Halcyon lance (Omni) lord
    Terry Bogard (7) Breaker
    Perpetual Goddess Felice (7) 2x Anima & 1x Guardian
    Emerald Knight Hisui (7) Anima & Lord
    Cursed Princess Rozalia (7) Guardian
    Jade Commander Gyras (7) Breaker
    Alliance Leader Freed (7) Breaker & Lord
    Fei and Fang (6) Lord
    Quatre marinus duran (6) orcale
    Imperial Blade Dolk (6) Guardian
    Gale piercing dion (5) guardian
    Regal sword dolk (5) anima
    Pure Lady Cyan (5) Guardian
    Nozomi (5) Lord
    Gun king douglas (4) breaker
    Pixy royal leore (4) lord
    Diva hatusne miku (4) lord
    Rita (4) guardian
    Earthly II & Mina (4) Guardian
    Flora Princess Faris (4) Guardian

    Fulgur Halcyon Eze (Omni) anima
    Thunder Punisher Silas (7) Lord
    Joyous Dragon Long (7) Guardian
    Flaring Massarce Rize (7) guardian
    Phoenix Thunder Rayla (7) Oracle
    Flashing Knight Licht (7) Lord
    Thunder General Ewan (7) Lord
    Odd Character Zora (7) breaker
    Divine Machine (7) Anima
    Uncrowned Lord Eerikki (7) Breaker
    Merkabah (6) Lord
    General weiss (5) lord
    Shock fist rahgan (5) breaker
    Sound thunder balgran (5) breaker
    Gold Knight Rina (5) Lord
    Crusher Uda (5) Guardian
    Thunder Gun Rowgen (5) Lord
    Dragoon Lord Bargus (5) Lord
    Sound Thunder Balgran (5) Breaker
    Thunder Pole Rhoa (5) Lord
    Twin Bolts Julius (5) Anima
    Mechanized Reddrag (5) Breaker
    Sky angel kushra (4) anima
    Arche (4) Oracle

    Merciful Beacon Charla (7) breaker
    Divine General Izuna (7) Anima & Guardian
    Alien Light Diastima (7) Anima
    LordKrishna (6) Breaker, Anima
    Holy guard will (6) breaker
    Holy Denfender Rinon (5) Anima
    Holy Master Aem (5) Guardian
    Milla Maxwell (5) Lord
    White Dragon Folg (5) Lord
    Pure Knight Rouche (5) Anima
    Lawful Pride Reihard (5) Lord
    Flynn (5)
    Inferno Sirius (5) breaker
    Xenon & Estia (5) Anima
    Milla maxwell (5) lord
    Cyborg Lilith II (5) Anima
    Kyemaster Gilnea (5) Breaker
    Holy Warrior Alyut (5) Anima
    Brave King Hogar (5) Lord
    Holy shot heidt (4) breaker
    Bahamut (4) breaker
    Cress (4) guardian
    Blade Storm Sefia (4) Guardian
    Horseman Sodis (4) Guardian
    Prodigy Themis (4) Oracle
    Tyrfing (4) Breaker
    Estia (3) Anima
    Sunshine Luna (3) guardian

    Zero (7) Anima
    Wicked Sorcerer Gregor (7) Guardian
    Calm Triumph Zekku (7) Guardian
    Hexed Parasite Velma (7) Lord
    Shadow Blade Zenia (6) Guardian
    Dark lord zaboeth (6) guardian
    Hell Keep alice (6) orcale
    Ryujin mifune (5) breaker
    Death god lodaga (5) anima
    Onyx Dragon Rugrow (5) Guardian
    Metal Forger Chrome (5) Lord
    Dagda (5) Lord
    Dark Divinty Eclise (5) Guardian
    Shadow collector charis (5) anima, Oracle
    Ominous slasher araon (5) anima
    Misfortune Feeva (5) Breaker
    Ominous Slasher Aaron (5) Anima
    Grahdens (5) lord
    Yuri (4) lord
    Magic Riffs Eric (4) Guardian
    Dictator Lilly Matah (4) Anima
    Semira (4) Breaker
    Laevateinn (4) Lord
    Xenon (3) Breaker
    Mifune (2) Anima

    will really appreciate with the helps =)!

  • #2
    There are different squads you can make with these
    I will list different squads that will also work in omni form. Not all of them will fit at the moment so change some if needed

    Attack squad:
    Eerikki as leader
    Joyous dragon Long
    Zenia as 7 star with ES sphere

    Defense squad
    Hisui anima
    Diastima Leader
    Charlotte as 7 star


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      Soo many units. Soo many combinations. lol