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  • Team build

    Hi everyone,
    I need help to build my team for trial and probably arena. I only pull a few unit so I don't have a lot of choice here.
    Here are my unit list :
    Fire - (A)Shura, (L)Vargas
    Water - (A)Selena, (A)Elimo, (B)Gazolina, (G)Zephu
    Earth - (A)Lario, (A)Belardo, (A)Marietta, 2 x (B)Baro
    Thunder - (O) & (G)Weiss, (A)Viktor
    Light - (L)Gabriela
    Dark - (B)Mifune, (O)Mizerka, (L)Kalon, (A)Gregor

    My question is
    How to choose a leader and team member so their buff/skill won't overwritten.
    I'm planning to build Gazolina (L), shura, Selena, Elimo and grabriela as trial team. Is it viable? Or is it too much for healer?
    Is there any spot for mariletta, Viktor, Baro, Kalon and Gregor?
    Sorry, I'm just played around 5 days ago so I just want to make sure I make the right decision.

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    FOR TRIALS: Gazolina (Lead) + Shura, Elimo (optional, see below), Gabriela (optional, see below), Mariletta (see below)

    Gazolina (Lead) + Shura, Elimo, Gabriela is a good base for a trial squad, but don't bring Selena. Might as well use something else for the last slot - probably Mariletta depending on who your friend unit is. I'll explain why further down.

    Just SP either Elimo or Gabriela for heal over three turns (choose one, don't bother doing this for both), then you don't need Selena.

    If your friend unit is Regil (or Lancelot, Fei and Fang) then you don't need Shura in there either, actually. But if friend unit is something like Cleria, Rain, Hisui, Mariela, etc. then Shura is an okay choice.

    Why Mariletta for the last slot? Her BB (not her SBB, just her BB) boosts def and rec stat based on atk. This is functionally an additional def/rec buff which stacks with Elimo's vanilla def/rec.

    It would be better if you had an atk buff in the squad to further push up Mariletta's buff value (as the def/rec is based on atk, yeah?)... you can either get atk buff from friend leader, or (if using Regil/Lancelot/Fei and Fang friend), bring an atk buffer instead of Shura (probably this would be Kalon).

    Viktor is possible in some content - he does atk debuff and has injury/paralysis ... there are some bosses where atk debuff and injury are valuable, though that's mostly for GGC in Vortex rather than trials per-se. However Viktor is honestly a pretty bad unit to do debuff and ailments with, he's more of an arena/colo unit that something for general squad use. I'd say you'd be better off bringing a friend unit (e.g. Mordlim) for ailments if you need it.

    Gregor does crit rate buff, crit dmg buff and elemental damage buff - the crit rate buff is fine, but crit dmg and elemental damage are completely useless in newer/later trials. They're useless specifically because the buffs were very strong vs. older bosses, so people could do stuff like nuking bosses down in one turn. Obviously the devs didn't like that, so they nerfed the hell out of the effects by making newer bosses largely immune. This means that Gregor is a very good unit for older trials, and then promptly becomes a complete and utter waste of space in newer trials.

    (Gregor would still be a good pick for things like Frontier Hunter monthly event and Guild Raid, but we're talking trials here. With that said, you ARE a newer player if it's only been five days, so you can consider running Gregor and using him to burst down older trials/GGC. Just bear in mind this strategy will stop working after a certain point - around Trial X3 is the last one you can clear with units like Gregor)

    Baro's alright, he's fine as a unit, but you probably have enough heal/support coming from Gazolina/Elimo/Gabriela/Mariletta.

    As an additional note, remember that Gabriela's UBB does 80% chance of KO resist on units - 80% chance units don't die when killed, buff lasts until triggered (but if it activates on a unit you should recast the UBB to apply the effect again). If you need to open up a space in your squad, you can SP Gazolina for this (30 SP option gives Gazolina's UBB the same effect). If you do that then Gabriela technically isn't needed in the build (Mariletta/Gazolina can do BB fill when squad is damaged, and Elimo can cover Gabriela's healing buffs). But Gazolina needs the 30 SP in her Omni form for this to work.

    Alternatively, it is possible to leave Gazolina and Gabriela in squad and take out ELIMO instead. All squads require a unit who does 50% dmg reduction buff, but you have that from both Gazolina and Elimo. You need heal over three turns, which Gazolina doesn't do, but either Elimo or Gabriela can be SP'd for that at Omni. You need crit/ele/debuff null, but either Elimo or Gabriela can be used for that role.

    This means the main reason to keep Elimo in the squad is actually Elimo's def/rec buff, because you want a def/rec base (actually ideally a atk/def/rec buff, but Elimo's def/rec is what you have) in the squad. Mariletta does additional def, but you want plain vanilla def from Elimo too. The two def buffs in COMBINATION is what you want.

    However, if the friend unit provides def buff (e.g. Azurai, Mordlim, Rain, Hisui) you can consider dropping Elimo from your own build.

    With all that said, while I've left notes like 'if friend unit is X, can take Shura out of squad', 'if friend unit is Y, can take Elimo out', and things like that... you can't always count on having the right friend unit, and for stuff like Guild Raid you can't use a friend unit at all, so...

    FOR ARENA: Viktor (Lead) + Selena, Gabriela, Gazolina, (choice of 1x unit)

    For arena squad, this is where you'd use Viktor and Selena. Selena should have her Lexida sphere from GGC and ES unlock, if she doesn't use someone else. Gabriela and Gazolina are slotted with their Omni forms in mind. The trick here is Viktor has a strong offensive/defensive ES - limited in scope but good enough for short arena brawls. Selena, Gabriela, Gazoline have forms of self KO resist - Selena needs her sphere, Gabriela has it innate on ES, Gazolina needs an SP option at Omni. But arena/colosseum meta revolves a lot around units with KO resist, so that's why these three are your squad member core.
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      Mifune is a good unit. Very versatile.