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  • What should my squad be? Any units not worth keeping?

    List of units (album)

    I'm currently using Regil as leader with the intent to Omni him next Monday (need Karma) and then Azami and Krantz. Is that fine? Should anything change?

    What would your Omni priority be?

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    For now someone as you who was new playing this game it was relatively okay, you even got Regil the most wanted unit in this current meta but for Quest and Hard Content Only thanks to his LS.

    For Leader yes you should put some consideration to Regil, but don't forget he's not the best for everything that you will do later in this game, one could see that right now FH event is undergoing status which means Avant is your ideal and most suitable Leader than Regil in anytime, after all, Avant is the irreplaceable FH King of all time so using him provide more various strength to your damage in general.

    I suggest for your next OE Evolution please hold on to Azami for later or maybe many many months later because there's a ton of it that was just like her later, you should be focusing yourself to Alessa, she's more practical and useful than Azami thanks to her Tri-Stat Booster whether it was a stand-alone buff like ATK, DEF, and REC Boost or ATK, DEF, and REC relatives to max HP she had it all, makes her the only one in this BF era have the complete full stat-booster. Azami might be good but what she can is only Ailments and trust me later what you need wasn't always damage, constantly you need to calculate Stat Booster like this for better survivability. Alessa is also can negation and removing ailments which are a ++ situation for you, isn't it? Just put her with ES that negates to herself about the ailment and you're done with her, she's going to be complete and full support for your liking.

    Krantz was the only mitigator you have in your early era, most people don't use him often anymore because he's averagely just good and that's it. Wise speaking, it's better you summon someone that can replace him although aside from Mitigation and Healing, he can also boost BC HC DC but that's not enough, isn't it? For your early steps you need but later if you got another mitigator aside from him you can always compare to it depending the situation needs it, not any meta can handle some certain situation, sometimes those who mediocre can rule more than meta out there... Anyway, Mitigator is the person who mitigates the damage or in other words cut damage into certain amounts that were valued and cut through with a percentage... So you really need him a lot, although Alessa is already providing some DEF Boost by stand alone buff and relatives buff, the damage that was cut was only a 1/3 in it so better get Mitigation that can cut 50% of it like Krantz! It's called Mitigation.