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  • Leader & some starter question..

    Sorry gentlemen, honestly I don't know where should I post this thread and also my English isn't good enough.

    So,here are all my units....


    And my question is....
    1st. Who should I choose as a leader (Feng,holia,lafiel,feeva)
    2nd. What should I do with both lafiel? Build both of them?
    3rd. Even Selena as a breaker & vargas as lord, is it fine to build them till their Omni form?

    I know my question sound dummy but I do really need help and last I say sorry again if there any of my words that offends to all gentlemen here....

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    1. Who should you choose as leader: It really depends on what you're doing.

    Use Feeva lead for easier stuff, like quest, raid. Use Feng lead for hard fire, earth, water and thunder bosses. Because Feng lead isn't good vs. light and dark bosses, maybe switch to Holia lead vs. light/dark bosses.

    You have multiple squad slots, players are expected to use different squads or at least change leader.

    2. What to do with Lafiel: Either raise both, or raise one and intentionally keep the second Lafiel at 5*.

    You need to level at least one Lafiel because your squad needs a mitigator. Lafiel is a mitigator, this is a key squad role in this game. Like bringing a tank in some other RPG. Aside from Lafiel, you have no other mitigators... none of your other units can do this job.

    You might want to raise both copies of Lafiel, as there are things in the game which require multiple squads, like Trials and Grand Quest. That way both of your squads can have a mitigator.

    Or you may want to just leave the second Lafiel at 5*... for future use in Summoner Mode, the third story arc of the game. In Summoner Mode you can only use 5* units at first.

    3. Breaker Selena, Lord Vargas: Type does not really matter in this game.

    You've probably played other mobile RPGs where the unit type matters a lot, but in Brave Frontier the Anima, Breaker, Lord, Guardian, Oracle only has a very small difference in base stats. Right now it is only around 1000 HP and 300 atk/def/rec difference between types. So it really doesn't matter.

    A Breaker Selena is more or less the same as any other Selena.

    If you google you might see older info online that talks about the types in Brave Frontier as if it matters. It really doesn't these days. A lot of that is old thinking...the weaker types have been steadily buffed over time until there's now very little difference.