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  • Need help with Team Creation in general...

    Hello All.

    I've come to a point where I cannot progress anymore and need to revamp my team but have no idea how. Getting destroyed in Colosseum and Grand Quests are pretty much undoable for me at this point. Raid 6 is pretty hit or miss

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Current Team for everything except arena
    Sakura Miku Lead

    So this is going to be a bit of a long list
    So Units

    7* Adel
    7* Gildorf
    7* Ultor
    7* Korazon
    5* Vargas
    5* Alpha
    5* Vanberk
    5* Claire
    5* Regrard
    5* Ruby

    7* Raydn
    7* Zerafalgar
    5* Eve
    5* Tazer
    5* Vernil
    5* Lune
    5* Savia x2
    5* Farzen
    6* Klaus
    5* Sareas
    2* Selena

    7* Avani
    7* Andaria
    5* Eltri
    5* Tora
    5* Quaid
    5* Libera
    5* Duran
    5* Cyan
    5* Dolk
    6* Isterio
    5* Dure
    5* Nyala

    5* Rhoa
    5* Kanon
    5* Diana
    5* Balgran
    5* Lafiel x2

    Omni Sakura Miku
    7* Sirius
    7* Nadore
    6* Maxwell
    5 * Layla
    5* Raaga
    5* Kira
    5* Fadahl
    5* Rinon
    5* Sixgear
    5* Jed
    5* Reihard

    7* Nyami
    7* Laberd
    6* Cardes
    5* Ivris
    5* Aaron
    5* Reis
    5* Kafka
    5* Charis
    5* Rugrow
    5* Malbelle

    Sacred Crystal
    Blades of Ultor
    Bow of Andaria
    Vulcan Axe
    Vorpal Chainblades
    Glacies Staff
    Beiorg's Armor
    War Demon's Blade
    Holy Eight
    Scarlet Pin
    Spirit Tiara
    White Armor
    Duel Fragment
    Golem Core
    Guardian Shard
    Guardian Silver
    Guiding Light
    Heresy Orb
    Existence Jewel
    Perseverance Jewel
    Sky Blade
    Malice Jewel
    Demon Crown
    Refined Gem x2

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    Sorry, I can't help. But maybe you can help me? I'm a level 102, and I haven't managed to obtain a mitigator. I have some pretty great people; nukers, BB buffers, etc. but not a SINGLE mitigator. Any advice?


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      Actually, I have some basic advice for team creation. The most balanced team is two BB gauge fill rate buffers, one healer, one mitigator, and one nuker/heavy hitter.


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        ThaNerdyUnicorn Instead making a helping posting in someone thread, how about you make another one? It's kinda rude you know.

        For GQ, there's no special requirements in here. Except if that GQ is not a Dawn Summoner, you really need a special requirements for that.... And that requirements must fulfilled by their specific GQ..... In your case since I don't know what GQ you trying to beat, I think I'm just going to skip it.


        Attack Phase:
        Laberd/Rahgan (Rahgan was more recommended)

        This Colosseum squad can give you 3 AI unit that can make a significantly cheating the deaths and brings you glory.... I can't understand why you didn't evolve your Selena and Isterio while they have a shining moments right now...... Well until Mifune OE is wrecking them up of course..... But they were still powerful in any ways. Sadly I see you didn't have any Mifune.... Good Luck, after Mifune OE is out you will have 0% - 10% winning rate .

        Defensive Squad:

        Once again this squad is defensive enough, but after Mifune OE is out.... You can kiss good bye to this setup..... Better workout your team bro, you will totally wrecked the next time Mifune OE is out.
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          For Grand Quest, you'll need to specify which grand quest you want to do. Some of them are easy, but some of them need specific skill to get a pass.

          I'm amazed you that your main party has no mitigator and full of offensive unit. I can only see Sirius that have defensive skill and BB managing though he is mostly for offense and the heart of the party.

          For all offensive team, it's only recommended on frontier hunter or gate. You can use that team for frontier farming purpose.

          In general except arena, you'll need at least a mitigator. The unit that reduce damage taken by 50% for 1 turn or more.
          Also, you'll need BB manager like Sirius and that can help in different situation. BB gauge boost on spark is great but once your enemy drain all of your BB, the party is a sitting ducks.

          In your case you have several mitigator. The more mitigator you have, the more party build and tactics available.
          I suggest to raise them all for different party build to utilize your party as a whole. I recommend Lafiel, Dolk and Laberd.

          And as for BB managing, boost when spark and boost when hit is the current best. But a little support from other form is great to have as well. This skill will greatly depends on playing style and your enemy traits.
          Selena(The queen for Arena and Colosseum! I'm shock she still 2*)
          Recommendation:Lafiel, Laberd, Sirius, Sereas, Libera and more importantly Selena.

          Also, you are lacking healer. Miku is nice and all, assuming you take her healing sp, but most bosses are resistance to critical hit so it's not recommended unless you equip all of your units with critical sphere. Some even fully immune to critical so this kind of buff commonly use in frontier hunter/gate. Don't take her to raid as some bosses there have rare items on body part that immune to critical while the main body vulnerable to critical. You won't get the rare material if you kill the main body first and this is one of the most annoying situation for all raiders.
          The tree Eltri
          All worth to be raise as you are lacking this type. Other than Selena, they also have BB/SBB healing that don't attack which is ideal for enemy that effective against enemy that reflect your damage. You'll also need a non light type healer to clear Grahden grand quest.

          Selena other than being the queen for Arena, she also the current best of healing over time and BCHC buffer. The best unit to counter damage over time when the enemy inflict it to your squad.

          This is pretty much the basic of creating your team.


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            Thanks for the replies and I'll look into raising a healer I'll try to raise Layla, Selena, and Eltri
            As for the Grand quest, I was refering to the Grand Gaia chronicles. I made it to 5 armors and 6 pillar rebellion, but everything just completely blows me away at the 50 sp... I suppose I'll try to incorporate Laberd into the team to see my luck.

            Thank you all for the advice


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              Originally posted by Spatial View Post
              Thanks for the replies and I'll look into raising a healer I'll try to raise Layla, Selena, and Eltri
              As for the Grand quest, I was refering to the Grand Gaia chronicles. I made it to 5 armors and 6 pillar rebellion, but everything just completely blows me away at the 50 sp... I suppose I'll try to incorporate Laberd into the team to see my luck.

              Thank you all for the advice
              Try your best to keep Laberd using SBB at least once every 3 turn. BB is fine for every 2 turns, but always use his skill.

              For 6 Pillar Rebellion,
              Don't kill them while let only a single one left. The cornered rat will call on a beast(revived Feeva with ultimate attack). Leave at least 2 of them alive.


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                So farmed Quests and GQ like there was no tomorrow, 3 Nyala's 2 Lords 1 Oracle, 1 Kulyuk Guadian , 1 Azurai Oracle, 1 Silas Oracle, and 1 Rahgan Oracle

                So I think I'm going to try to make Azurai an Arena lead, Kulyuk for questing and raid, and Silas for frontier.

                Going to give it a try after I get all the evo materials and next Super Honor Summon

                One more thing:

                I have elgif's
                Raging Memories lv 4. Extra Spark damage after sparks exceed X amount
                Flashing Spirits lv 3. x2 Critical damage greatly boosts BB gauge
                Divine Forturne. Negates critical damage
                Tales of Honor lv 2 Greatly boosts OD gauge fill rate
                Demonic Nature Lv 3. Greatly boosts params when BB gauge is under 50%
                Iron Shield Negates Def Ignoring Damage

                I put Iron Shield on Ultor, but have an emgif
                I am thinking about putting Flashing Spirits on Azurai but unsure what to do with the others
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