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  • Vortex Dungeon: Omni Arcanum

    Greetings, Summoners! A NEW vortex will be available in the world of Grand Gaia soon! Earn Arcanum Tokens in exchange for Omni+ Shards and Elementum Tomes from the Arcanum Event Bazaar! If you're lucky enough, you'll also get a chance to score Imps, Crystals, Jewel Gods, and rare Elgifs!

    September 10, 00:00 - September 15, 23:59 PST
    September 10, 01:00 - September 15, 00:59 PDT

    Uncover the hidden past of the Shapers by acquiring new materials to craft a powerful sphere, the Tempest of Akachi!

    Mission 1: Omni Arcanum Lv. 1
    Energy Requirement: 20
    Battles: 3
    EXP: 1,000
    Clear Reward: 30 Arcanum Tokens
    Mission 2: Omni Arcanum Lv. 2
    Energy Requirement: 35
    Battles: 5
    EXP: 3,000
    Clear Reward: 100 Arcanum Tokens
    Mission 3: Omni Arcanum Lv. 3
    Energy Requirement: 60
    Battles: 7
    EXP: 3,000
    First Clear Reward: 1 Gem
    Clear Reward: 400 Arcanum Tokens

    Exclusive sphere craftable within!

    Tempest of Akachi
    Spark Sphere

    50% boost to Atk, Def, Rec when BB gauge is over 50%, 150% boost to Spark damage, Spark damage boosts BB gauge [2-3BC], boosts BB Atk [150%] & raises Atk parameter limits to 150000

    Before the era of the gods, a unique material was harnessed by otherworldly creatures as an endless source of energy and data. A single drop of this element somehow emerged in Grand Gaia, where it resulted in wild tempests that left brackish pools of water in their wake. Bewildered and worried, the Gods sought to contain this element in a divine vessel crafted from their essence and then dropped it into the deepest rift they could find. Yet rumors say that Akachi, one of the original Shapers of the element, has found the vessel and mounted it onto a gauntlet of power. Why it has done so is anyone's guess, but it can be certain that whoever possesses this shall make their enemies weep in abject hopelessness.

    Where to obtain Omni+ Boost Materials

    There are enough Omni+ Boost materials every month for players to boost one unit to Omni+3!

    Here’s where you can find them:

    1. Event Bazaar and Exchange Halls
    Participate in regular events like Vortex Arena, Guild Raid, and Vortex Dungeons to collect tokens and exchange for Omni+ Boost materials.

    Event Bazaar / Exchange Hall Geminus Tomes Elementum Tomes Omni+ Shards
    Omni Arcanum - 50 500 (Each Element)
    Vortex Arena 5 15 200 (Each Element)
    Guild 5 15 200 (Each Element)
    Capital Randall - 20 200 (Each Element)

    Note: Exchange limits will reset every month

    2. Vortex Arena Event
    Perform well in Vortex Arena event monthly and obtain Omni+ Tomes as rewards.

    Rank Title Rewards
    • Celebrated - Elementum Tome x5
    • Worshipped - Elementum Tome x5
    • Sanctified - Elementum Tome x10
    Overall Ranking Rewards
    • Rank 1 to 10 - Geminus Tome x10, Elementum Tome x5
    • Rank 11 to 1000 - Geminus Tome x5, Elementum Tome x5
    • Rank 1001 to 10000 - Elementum Tome x5
    Aside from the events mentioned above, players can also collect Omni+ Boost materials from special login bonuses, video slots, and community milestone rewards.
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    Attention, Summoners!

    We noticed that there was a discrepancy of information shown between the news in-game and forum post of the Vortex Dungeon: Omni Arcanum. We apologize for the confusion. This post has been updated to match the information shown in-game.

    The following changes are made:
    Mission 1 Clear Reward: Before:
    12 Arcanum Tokens
    30 Arcanum Tokens
    Mission 2 Clear Reward: Before:
    60 Arcanum Tokens
    100 Arcanum Tokens
    Mission 2 Clear Reward: Before:
    255 Arcanum Tokens
    400 Arcanum Tokens

    Added the "Where to obtain Omni+ Boost Materials" guide.

    Again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

    ~ Brave Frontier Global Team
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      Hi, Summoners!

      We are aware that there is a random Elgif stat indicated with the Golden God gained from the Omni Arcanum Dungeon. It was supposed to be an Elgif and the issue has been fixed as of September 10, 02:15 PST.

      For players who were affected, please refrain from selling the Golden God. We will convert them to the correct Elgif during September 12 maintenance.

      We apologize for the inconvenience caused and we ask for your patience and understanding in this matter. Thank you.

      - Brave Frontier Global Team
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        My issue with this Event is the MASSIVE synthesis requirements for the sphere in comparison to how many materials we got from doing the quest. On top of this, the 60 energy cost makes getting the sphere WITHOUT using a bunch of gems basically impossible. Especially since ALL of the Materials drop in chests.

        ​Lowest amount of a material needed: 200. Even with focusing all non-daily task nessisary energy into this, The HIGHEST amount of any material I had was under 60. This is WITHOUT using gems.


        • SkyCrow
          SkyCrow commented
          Editing a comment
          The dungeon is a monthly thing. so it will come back and you'd have the opportunity to get the synth items again when it re-opens. I am in no rush to get the sphere and I'm almost halfway through most of the items needed. When it re-opens then hopefully I'd get the sphere if not then there's always next month.