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  • My Journey to beating the Avant GGC (guide for those less fortunate)

    This took me about two days straight of trial and error, as well as coming to the realization that some of the guides and Reddit posts give well meaning but misleading advice (such as the requirement that both leads have substancial defensive capabilities).

    Each attempt took me well over an hour usually. I've recently returned to the game from a long break, so I felt my units for it were generally behind the meta. Especially since I had to use 2 7* units. One thing that's almost a necessity if one is like me and doesn't have the best units, is a friend Omni Ark with null crit. YOU NEED THIS. If he has the 6 elements buff like the one I used you'll also have a nice bit of extra damage.

    Make sure you have someone to cure status ailments. For me it was Alice. Selena, Elimo, and I think Ark can cure statuses depending on SP Enhancements and such. Use something to make that unit status immune.

    You're going to want all of your units to have the largest hp pool possible (from imps and SP Enhancements, as most of mine were).


    My team in order of auto attack and their commands:

    Elza (Omni) (Use SBB or BB) Spark Blanket and primary damage dealer

    Elimo (7*) (Use SBB or BB) Mitigator with very low BC cost, pretty much the absolute best option without 2 turn mitigation. If you have 2 turn mitigation, then you should have an easier time than me since you won't have to fill their BB every turn without fail.

    Ark (Omni Friend Lead) (Use SBB or BB) Crit Null

    Alice (Omni) (Use SBB only) NOTE: YOU NEED HER SP ENHANCEMENT FOR REC=>DEF. That's her primary role here: REC=>DEF. She was also my status cleanser. Almost any STAT=>DEF unit will do here, just make sure you also have a status cleanser.

    Vermillion (7* lead) (Use SBB only) Used for BB/when hit (Reeze can replace her and completely obsolete Alice here)

    Selena (Omni) (Use SBB only) Her overall utility is very useful here and if you're going to lose, Selena will always be your last unit standing. She can take an amazing amount of punishment from this trial (mine even tanked multiple attacks without mitigation on one attempt that went wrong). That said, you can put almost any unit you want here, but I'm not sure how this trial will go without HoT.


    My spheres on each unit in the same order:

    (Reeze's Armor, Infidelity Orb)
    (Phantom Gizmo, Heresy Orb)
    (Oracle Bangles, Infidelity Orb)
    (Guardian Shard, Dreadnought Sphere Aleph)
    (Prized Mercy, Fallacy Orb)
    (Lexida, Phoenix Crown)

    5 fujins
    3-4 revives (4 is super helpful, you are vulnerable to RNG with 3)
    Hero Stone

    Notes and overall strategy:

    Use a fujin on Elimo on stage 1. From there, you can literally autobattle all of stage 1 and 2, and half of stage 3 with little or no issue (unless your RNG decides to screw you, in which case you were probably going to lose anyways). DO NOT DEVIATE FROM THE AUTOBATTLE SETTINGS UNLESS YOU NEED TO USE ELZA OR VERMILLION'S BB, OR BLOCK EVERYONE. It may not be the most optimal, but it works and I can't vouch for a different organization.

    BRING A HERO CRYSTAL! After Avant revives himself, and then uses his nuke, HE WILL BUFF WIPE YOU IF YOU USE UBB. This should be activated at any point during the fight after his first nuke, so it's best to get it out of the way early.

    Elimo MUST have spheres that give her BB/turn and BB/hit OR YOU WILL BE SLAVE TO RNG. I tried it with tankier spheres and lost with Avant at 3% hp because he wouldn't attack her with his single target attacks. I'd recommend switching the Phoenix Crown and Heresy Orb around. The sphere on Selena's second slot doesn't really matter anyways, but the Phoenix Crown can save you when Vermillion inevitably goes down. The tradeoff is that Elimo loses some durability.

    Vermillion should have heal/hit or some form of damage reduction that also boosts her stats. She will survive until the last 40% or so. This is okay, only her leader skill is important. However if you use her, YOU WANT HER TO DIE WITH HER BB AVAILABLE. To minimize the chance of her death, you can block every turn you don't need her BB/SBB. She will probably die the turn you don't guard with her, sadly.

    Elza will also probably die a few turns after Vermillion. She is easier to keep alive by blocking, but if you can't it's okay. If you use her, YOU WANT HER TO DIE WITH HER BB AVAILABLE.

    Alice will probably die too, but she's more survivable than Vermillion and Elza.

    No special notes for Ark or Selena, other than Selena will probably be the last to die if you lose and you're going to want to try your best to keep Ark in the game.

    You can tank the 50% threshold without UBB or blocking. Without UBB or blocking, you will lose some units at the 25% threshold (I usually lose Elza here, and I would also lose Vermillon but she's usually already dead by this point. Just ride it out until you can UBB Ark after you've weathered the 25% threshold and you'll be home free. If you somehow saved your hero gem (you are my hero if you have, as I didn't), then you've basically won.

    If at ANY point during the last 25% Elimo doesn't get her BB charged, use a revive on Elza or Vermillion (Elza is better) and use their pre charged BB to get Elimo's mitigation up.

    The idea is to save at least 1 fujin and 1 revive for the last 25%, because the last 25% is absolutely murderous. He will take very little damage and be very capable of killing a unit every turn if he decides to focus one. You want to reserve your revives for Ark and Elimo, or Vermillion or Elza if you need their BB.

    Better units if you have them:
    Omni Krantz or Magress or other mitigator with two turn mitigation over Elimo

    Melord over Alice and Vermillion

    Reeze, Diana, or some other BB/hit lead can possibly replace Vermillion, but Diana is NOT recommended, nor most other non-water potential 7* replacements. But the important thing is BB/hit and a decent base hp pool (My Vermillion with max imps and Anima type had 9013 hp not including spheres/skills). Reeze would probably be much better than Vermillion due to the tri stat buff, high hp pool, and water type.

    Reeze also replaces Alice for REC=>DEF

    With the first two, you can pretty much trade the other units for whatever you want. You probably won't even need a BB/hit lead with Melord as a sub, just set him to only use BB and you can autobattle it pretty well. Two turn mitigation also makes the BB drain a joke.

    Good luck! Hope this helps someone!
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    I was able to beat him without a Hero Crystal or Fujin Tonics. Use Hisui/Juno as both of your leads, and it makes lasting everything out a whole lot easier. Hisui can negate stat reductions, mitigate for 2 turns, and negate crits, which takes away a TON of Avant's damage. Juno is good because she both overall increases survivability, and can revive dead units.