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  • Help needed Leaders to elgaia 2nd mission (road to elgaia)

    So over tried this mission repeatedly and cannot seem to one or two shot reed on mission 3 I've been trying countless teams whether its def, crit, bb atk etc nothing seems to get through that mission, so any help would be awesome, thank you in advance

    Korzan- imp maxed, anima, Vulcan axe

    Ruby-lvl 57, breaker, no imps

    Griff-lvl 85, breaker, no imps

    Ultor-max, guardian, not maxed imp

    Grandt- max, breaker, not maxed imp

    Lucia- max, max imps minus atk:560

    elimo- max, lord, rec:max

    Colt- max, anima, imp not maxed, (no ice blade, or Claire)

    zerafalgar- max, anima, max minus hp

    Tridon- max, breaker, max imp, tridons trident

    Haile- max, Lord, max imp, glacies staff

    Reeze- max, guardian, no imps, no reeze's armor

    Tora- max, lord, max imp

    Dion- max, lord, max imp

    Dolk- max, oracle, max imp

    isterio- lvl 76, guardian, no imp's

    Avani- max, oracle, max imp, vorpal chainblades

    Elaina- max, anima, max imp

    Lugina- max, lord, imp not max, sky harbinger

    Griel- max, lord, max imp

    Shera- max, guardian, not maxed imp

    Rahgan- max, breaker, not maxed imp

    Reud- max, guardian, not maxed imp

    Radia- max, guardian, def and rec maxed

    Zedus- max, breaker, imp maxed, spear of zedus

    Deimos- max, oracle, max hp, forgebreaker

    Raaga- max, anima, hp and def max

    Krantz- max, anima, imp maxed minus def

    Melchio- max, breaker, maxed imp minus rec, white armor

    Kira- max, breaker, not maxed imp

    Fadahl- max, breaker, not imp maxed

    Charla- max, oracle, max imp

    Allanon- max, anima, max imped

    Gazia- max, lord, hp rec maxed

    Feeva- max, anima, max imp

    Ivris- maxed, breaker, max imp

    Kafka- maxed, guardian, def max

    Hadaron- max, lord, max Imp, axe of hadaron

    Zenia,-max, lord, max imp, obsidian core amplifier

    Nyami-- max, breaker, max imp

    Magress- max, breaker, not maxed imp

    Febros- max, guardian, not maxed imp

    Melina- lvl 102, breaker, def ma