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  • [Guide] How to beat Ohbanahara EX1 Abandoned Temple WITHOUT MITIGATOR

    I saw some guide video about this but they are all using mitigator, so I though I will make a guide without one.
    What I used
    Summoner spear, Lupine Mantle, spear ex1, great sword ex1
    Limera, Beiorg's armor, health codex
    Rineth, phoenix emblem, courage aegis
    Berdette, winter memoria, demonic skull
    Seria guest,
    Friend Sword. Shining Stone, sword ex1, spear ex1
    Item, 2 revives, 5 fujins, 5 fire seals and 3 fire ores.
    If you have Gildorf, you can replace Rineth as his BCHC works better with Limera. If you don't have Limera, Ulkina works too. Else, you need either scythe summoner SBB as healer or dual spear summoner and takes turn using HoT since the boss could remove buff.

    Through out the battle, the boss have some kind of heavy attack. I don't know what the trigger is, but I assume it's BB/SBB limit either per 3 turns like Atro in Genius trial. So try to put defenses in turns. This will also help you to put some wall right after your buff removed. Try to avoid using Fujin as you might need them later. But don't hesitate to use them if you need healing.
    60% HP threshold he will put 100% mitigation, Seria UBB is necessary to break it. From this point, try to use as many normal attack as possible even if you can use BB/SBB and prepare next UBB. You can overdrive 2 turns before reaching this phase to reserve a fujin. Try to judge it from your damage output but most likely around 65% HP. Best right after she use BB, else, use fujin.
    35% HP the boss will nuke you with heavy attack. This is the part where mitigation necessary but since the party don't have one, you have to use Seria UBB to reduce 80% of boss atk. If you can pull this off, you pretty much have beat him already.
    Another way is control your damage and stop right at 35% HP, and next turn, use healing(Limera/Ulkina) and use Seria to attack pass through 34% while the rest guard. The healer might die though. But I recommend to combine both tactic for better survival chance as I do both and my Limera survive (She is breaker btw).

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    Which quest is this again? I am a bit left behind in BF lately ahhaha.


    • Shironui
      Shironui commented
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      It's 3rd world of summoner arc. Other world where all Japanese-like units originated.
      This mission to get mats for an LS sphere for summoner.

      After you finish this, another EX will open and the reward is Katana weapon which is said to be crafted by Azami's father.
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