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  • Salt salt salt and Karna Masta

    Hey guys, FraveBrontier here!

    Today let us discuss a very sensitive topic.... Karna Masta. He is the absolute worst boss so far and no matter how many guides i see about the fight RNGesus just doesn't want me to beat his ***. so please for those who would want to help me with the son of a *****, post your tips, tricks and guides. For those who would really want to beat him again with a level 215 account with poor excuses for units please say you are interested and if i do trust you with my account please don't edit, delete or do anything bad to my account. use it for the sole purpose of the fight and once you have completed it or given up tell me so i can once again change my password.

    Thank yall for reading and hopefully you can help a gal achieve her dreams

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    Btw, what you have in your arsenal?


    • FraveBrontier
      FraveBrontier commented
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      welp my omni units that i currently have are garrel anima zekt anima juno seto anima ensa taya breaker adriesta anima galtier anima lara guardian felice lord terry breaker gaston lord toki anima Lance anima zero guardian mifune Lord zeolite guardian
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    • Shironui
      Shironui commented
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      FraveBrontier, do you have unit that boost rec status like Sirius or Atro?
      You need to combine both Juno/Lara HoT and a rec buff to stand against KM DoT.
      And preferably using Beiorg Armor to all of your units without special sphere so his DoT won't hurt that much.

      Your Toki preferably take the instant OD fill to let Ark UBB throughout 2nd phase and increase your UBB amount on 3rd phase.

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    Did you have Zekt? Or any Units with 3 Turns of enormous BB Fill (50 BC) in UBB?

    I might gonna help but If I see your units is rather lacking in terms of power & defensive (especially in BB Management), you might need to summon more.....


    • FraveBrontier
      FraveBrontier commented
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      Welp... my squad is this my lead is zekt anima mitigator is juno seto anima my def buffer is galtier anima my healer is kulyuk anima and i have adriesta anima in my squad. Yes i know its dumb to have adriesta on the squad but im gonna replace her with azurai soon.

    • Yohanes5678
      Yohanes5678 commented
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      Let's see.... Galtier and Adriesta is heavily clashed due to the similarities, but what we need in here are a BB Filler, trust me it's all about BB.

      Your Healer is Kulyuk, meaning Kulyuk's enhancement must probably didn't have BC Fill when Attacked, correct? Well it's rather wrong as you need BB Filler.
      You need:
      - BC Efficacy
      - BC When Attacked
      - BC & HC DC
      - Boost BB Gauge during Spark
      - Boost BB Gauge (Instant)
      - Boost BB Gauge per turn
      - Boost BB Gauge during Guard
      It maybe not going to be all but having most of them available would greatly help the needs of your problems. Azurai was good but try to replace it with Sirius, he can do the same thing as Azuari only cannot boost BB ATK and Crit Damage but on the same time you can have his 1 - 2 BB Gauge during Spark.

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    My squad was
    Zekt omni lead
    Selena omni
    Magress omni
    Sirius omni
    And zelnite omni
    Zelnite makes it soo easy


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      Also I had no beiorgs armor at all but I do recommend trying and do the frontier gate getting some of the 30% spheres they have as rewards