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  • New Arena Spheres

    I get that some of the spheres seems to be quite good, but Phoenix Eye? Seriously? I can make that right now from the Sphere Factory...

    UNLESS, this is a different version. Coz the one in the factory, it say HP increases after every turn while this particular one from Arena says HP recovers GREATLY after every turn.
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    Unfortunately, highest ranked now is Demeter in the Arena, so when somebody gets this Sphere, could you tell me/us if there is a difference except for the similarity in the name?

    Thanks guys and girls!

    Heavenly BudIncreases damage dealt during Spark by 100%Demeter
    Phoenix EyeHP recovers greatly after every turnAether
    Dragon StudAdd chance of BB gauge greatly filling when attackingMoros
    Alzeon PearlBB gauge fills much faster when obtaining BCBia
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    Geldnite AxeMassively boosts critical hit rate and doubles critical hit damageNomos
    MasamuneBoosts Atk and Def by 75% for first 2 turnsKheiron
    Cosmic DustNegates all status ailments and increases HP by 20%Hephaestus
    Magic OreBB gauge fills greatly after every turnEukleia
    Legwand GemBoosts Atk, Def, Rec, and HP by 25%Khaos
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