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  • Best all around Arena Team.

    I'm trying to build an Arena Team that can handle any type of enemy lineup. What heroes do you guys suggest? So I'll know which Hero I have or have to pull. Thanks in advance!

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    I'm on a 500+ winstreak with this:
    - Glenn - Leader
    - Eerikki
    - Shura
    - Ilm
    - Zora

    Alternative team:
    - Eerikki - leader
    - Holia
    - Shura
    - Rayla
    - Zenia


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      Mine was personally:
      Glenn - Leader

      The enemy is usually done by Mifune, Azurai or Zenia while Silvie is for something **** happens that can be prevented with her AI ES.


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        Units from the Arena batch; Glenn, Lanza, Janice, Eleanor, Asto and Zekuu, and Leona are all great and common leads you see. They all give an increase in arena points, too.

        AOE on Normal ATK leads is another team you see a lot. Glenn, Leona, Fizz, Mizerka are some of the units with this leader skill. Usually these teams have units like Mifune who can have builds with AOE on Normal ATK to stack with LS.

        Angel Idols. For ultimate chance of survivability, use units who have chances to withstand a KO. Some units, like Janice, have chance for AI in their LS.

        See if you have any of the Arena leads, as their LS are very useful for Arena, and pretty much just for Arena. Then build a team around them.


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          Thanks, guys. I'll consider the suggestions you made.


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            who among the latest units are good in the Arena? (e.g. Arthur, Lancelot, Galea)


            • NightCrawler
              NightCrawler commented
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              She's a nuker/ailment nuller. But not that good. Still a waifu material.

            • LouiseBetita
              LouiseBetita commented
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              I just love her furry art style. It reminds me of Mon Hon tho.

            • GamerDeys
              GamerDeys commented
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              Fair enough. Still packs a punch. lol
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