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  • New Colosseum Rewards

    New Colosseum Rewards available through Treasure Chests.


    Cured Glass
    Nulls all status ailments & restores HP every turn

    Once there was an alchemist by the name Rigness who produced a piece of glass that could protect people against all sorts of disasters. After his death, the sorceress who found it try to make it even stronger. The possibility of losing this precious relic was very real, but she proceeded to refine it without hesitation anyway. The fact that the name of this heroine did not make the story books is an unfortunate thing indeed.
    Astral Robe
    Adds chance of damage taken being decreased by 40%

    There are two sacred objects of legend in the La Veda Republic. One is the statue of a goddess, and the other is the statue of a god. Divine robes were fashioned after the one that the goddess statue is wearing when the gods demanded it. Legend has it that when both statues wear the robe at the same time, their real powers are unleashed. However, the statue of the god was lost in fairly ancient battle with a demon, and thus the two statues have been unable to meet since then.
    Dauntless Shield
    Negates elemental damage and Def ignoring effects. 10% damage reduction & hugely boosts Def when HP is low

    A shield called the ultimate defense by a warrior renowned as "Scar the Unyielding." It grants its wielder "The blessing of the struggle." This effect slowly hardens the bearer's skin in response to injuries, eventually reaching a hardness that surpasses even diamonds. This power only manifests during extremely trying situations, although that may be a deliberate feature. Its creator, Paradoxia, was known for only granting weaponry to those destined to endure great trials.
    Anathema Tome
    50% boost to all parameters, slight BB gauge reduction required for BB, damage taken boosts BB gauge & boosts BB gauge each turn

    During the great war with the gods, the great sage Vagarna created a technique intended to save humanity from certain doom. This technique would elevate human physical abilities to godlike levels and transform fighting spirit into raw strength. Human minds proved unsuited to godlike bodies, however, and stories tell us that all of the technique's users went mad. Although the strange tome Vagarna left after his death contains only fragments of this technique, current scholars believe that even those would grant power that far surpasses that of an ordinary human.
    Hero's Salvation
    Boosts BB and SBB activation rates, 100% boost to Atk, boosts BB Atk & damage taken boosts BB gauge

    A sacred blade said to have been made by an ancient deity from a portion of their own life energy. General belief holds that it is only bestowed upon those who have mastered the sword at a level that even the gods acknowledge. The same tales claim it grants its wielder an inexhaustible drive to fight and courage even in the face of overwhelming adversity. And indeed, there are many ancient legends that tell of its wielders sighting an opening to seize victory in the face of certain death

    Destructive War Cry
    Adds probability of normal attack hitting all foes

    Divine Comfort
    Boosts Atk, Def, Rec when HP is full & enormously restores HP each turn

    Sacred Goddess' Shield
    Negates all status ailments and Def ignoring effects & boosts BB gauge when damage taken exceeds certain amount

    Ascendant Self
    50% boost to Atk, 50% boost to Spark damage & raises max Atk value from 99999 to 130000
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