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  • Colosseum Season 12

    Be the next to get the center stage with the new season for Colosseum!

    Commencing the
    Season 12 of Colosseum from February 15, 00:00 PST until March 14, 23:59 PST, the showdown of heroes and summoners will surely bring another excitement to everyone!

    Entering Colosseum
    • Only 1 Colosseum Ticket is needed to play and this can be earned from the Arena.
    • Hero Class (No unit cost restriction)
    • Conqueror Class (Total unit cost must be 35 or less)
    • Gladiator Class (Total unit cost must be 19 or less)
    • Warrior Class (Total unit cost must be 14 or less)
    Squad Building
    • You may only select 7 units. These units will be used for both Offensive and Defensive team.
    Formation Buffs
    • Select and arrange your buff preferences.
    • A more configured buff allows the nullification of the opponent's buff arrangements. Opponents may begin with empty BB Gauge and vice versa. This applies to Offensive/Defensive squads and Buff Formations.
    List of Formation Buffs

    Offensive Formation Buff
    • Power Strike: 25% boost to Atk
    • Martial Formation: 100% boost to HP, Atk for Middle Unit
    • Raid Vanguard: 50% boost to HP, Atk for Top, Bottom Units
    Defensive Formation Buff
    • Chain Formation: 25% boost to HP, Def
    • Kaiser Shield: 50% boost to HP, Def for Top, Bottom Units
    • Tetra Wall: 50% boost to Atk, Def for all Units except Middle
    Formation Buff Loop
    • Martial Formation > Chain Formation > Raid Vanguard > Kaiser Shield> Power Strike > Tetra Wall > Martial Formation
    Buffs will be stacked with the Buff Arrangement and opponents will not be able to cancel it.
    • Case Aversion: Restores HP each turn & boosts resistance against status ailments
    • Brave Rising: Boosts BB gauge each turn & boosts BB gauge fill rate
    • Chaos Revenge: Adds random status ailment counterattack
    • Blade Revenge: Adds probable counterattack
    • There will be Two (2) Battle rounds.
    • Your offensive squad vs opponent's defensive squad.
    • Your defensive squad vs opponent's offensive squad.
    Note: Be aware of your Offensive and Defensive battle team. Organize them carefully.

    The following criteria will determine the winner if there is a draw battle:
    • Cumulative HP% of remaining units
    • Total number of units not downed.
    • If both above criteria are at a tie, the final criteria will be the total damage dealt.

    Brave Frontier Global Team
    Official gumi website:
    Official Support Channel: