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  • Unit of the Week: Ciara and Semira - 12/14/2014

    Unit of the Week

    Overview: So it's been almost a week since the release of these two Halloween Event Global-exclusive units, and they've probably been through more of a roller coaster in a day and a half than any other unit had ever have to go through. So as you all know, they've been buffed rather swiftly after cries from the player base. Did these buffs finally make them usable? After all, the only buffs were to the damage modifiers of their Brave Bursts and Super Brave Bursts. Well, you'd be surprised how much of a difference a simple thing, like damage buffs can make to a unit on the whole, and not just the BB/SBB viability. On a personal note, I don't consider these "buffs" more than I consider them fixes...

    Leader Skill: [Mystic Zeal] 65% boost to ATK for Fire, Water, Earth, and Thunder units, boost to damage dealt to weak elements.

    Her Leader Skill didn't change at all, so it's as it has always been. However, the difference this time, is that now that she's more viable, her SBB in particular helps to go a long way in augmenting damage for squads specializing in the buffed elements. The good news is that 65% with no real "requirement" is no joke, as it can really help in inflicting damage, and the 75% buff to weakness damage makes it all the more potent. The other good thing is that for the weakness damage, it will augment damage Lights do to Darks and vice versa, even if they don't benefit from the 65% ATK buff. 75% isn't Maxwell tier as far as weakness damage goes, but it does add up.

    Normal Attack: 10 hits.

    A fairly common attack hit count with a just as common drop check of 2 per hit, so nothing special. Her attack animation is still very good, so she does have that under her belt.

    Brave Burst: [Spirited Frenzy] 14 hits strong Fire elemental attack on all enemies and large boost to ATK of allies for 2 turns.

    So Ciara's BB definitely got a massive improvement. The damage multiplier is 250%, which is good for any Brave Burst, and the ATK buff sits at 95%, which is also great. While it won't be the most used aspect of her as a unit (you'll mostly want to use her SBB), it's still useful during turns where you can't use her SBB. If anything, it does at the very least makes her a very fierce Arena unit.

    One thing to make note of her Brave Burst (and Super Brave Burst) is that her ATK buff does not apply to herself on the same turn she uses it, but buffs the rest of the squad just fine. This does nerf her damage potential somewhat, but we'll go over how she can make up for that in the long run.

    Super Brave Burst: [Resolute Ferocity] 16 hits Fire elemental attack on all enemies, great boost to ATK of allies & DEF ignore for 2 turns.

    This is how you do a Super Brave Burst. 420% for a damage modifier means that she now hits reasonably hard, and her ATK buff is now at 110%, which is very good (not much of a difference than her BB, mind you, so you'll get more or less the same effect using one or the other). She also adds DEF ignore to the mix, which while not a potent damaging buff by any means, it does add up. Mind you, she does have to contend with Orwen, who offers the same buffs in his SBB, but given Ciara's higher ATK and superior ATK buff, she'll ultimately hit harder in the long run. In fact, her ATK buff + her DEF ignore effect, provided you can maintain her SBB every turn, results in the highest damaging buffer in the game as far as ATK goes, because DEF ignore helps to go that small way of making her buff beat out even Michele's and Ultor's ATK buffs. Of course, the actual damage in practice is pretty negligible, but it's still there nonetheless.

    The only real drawback is that the buffs only last 2 turns, including the ATK buff, and like her Brave Burst, the ATK buff will not apply to Ciara on the same turn she uses it, which is what necessitates maintaining SBB usage to get the most out of it. Otherwise, the likes of Michele, Kuda, and Lucca will perform better overall.

    Stats (Lord):

    HP: 5985 + 750 = 6735
    ATK: 2475 + 400 = 2875
    DEF: 1850 + 200 = 2050
    REC: 1500 + 300 = 1800

    Immediately, you'll notice that she isn't a statistical marvel. Her only real valuable stat is her ATK, and given the emphasis in ATK bonuses from Imps, it really shows. It does make her hit like a truck, and thanks to her BB and SBB, especially in the ATK buffing department, she'll hit that much harder. Just be mindful of her average HP and DEF, as well as shaky REC.


    - Really good damage buff on her Leader Skill.
    - Damage buff covers four elements simultaneously.
    - Great ATK buff on her BB and SBB.
    - Great attack animation.
    - Really good ATK stat.
    - A great Arena unit.


    - Shaky REC.
    - Buffs last only 2 turns.
    - ATK buff does not apply to herself on the turn it's used.


    Her HP is already on the average end, so it's good to boost her survivability for Quests/Vortexes. Her REC goes for a skydive, but Imps can act as a bungee cord to bring it back up to adequate levels. Breaker, on the other hand, makes her more suited to her Arena duties, as well as make her hit enemies much harder in Quests. Combine that with her ATK buff and DEF ignore, and Breaker is one of the few types that actually benefits a unit more than it hinders them, even with a DEF drop.

    Lord/Guardian: There's nothing special about them. Lord preserves her ATK without sacrificing DEF, while Guardian ensures she takes hits a bit better while still having good ATK.

    Oracle: Oracle.
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    Unit of the Week

    Leader Skill: [Snide Authority] 50% boost to ATK for Light and Dark & negates all status ailments.

    Semira is one of a small handful of units that offer status immunity as a Leader Skill option. The added flavor to hers, however, is the 50% ATK boost to Light and Dark units, which isn't bad at all if you're running a mono-Dark or twilight squad, need the immunity Leader Skill to open a unit slot for other Brave Burst support effects not named "status purge", but still need a boost in ATK power. Not a universally useful Leader Skill by any means compared to others of its kind, especially since it benefits Dark and Light units more than anything, but it's still an immunity option that offers an ATK buff, which is something only Semira can claim.

    Normal Attack: 6 hits.

    Her attack is actually rather poor in hit count, with only a total of 12 BCs to generate, so she isn't going to win in any BC generating contests. However, her actual attack animation is vastly improved from her 4 and 5-star animation, where they had a huge delay, so at least she's not hard to Spark with.

    Brave Burst: [Cruel Rampage] 12 hits strong Dark elemental attack on all enemies and great chance of Poison, Paralyze, Curse & Weaken.

    An upgrade from her BB in her 5-star form with an increased chance of inflicting statuses (75%). There's nothing much else beyond this, and for the sake of redundancy, I will delve deeper into this topic in her Super Brave Burst section instead of here

    Super Brave Burst: [Malevolent Onslaught] 14 hits strong Dark elemental attack on all enemies and superb chance of Poison, Paralyze, Curse & Weaken. Boost BC drop rate.

    This is a much better upgrade for a couple of reasons. Sure, she has 2 more hits, which isn't anything significant at all, but the chances of her inflicting statuses sit at a high 80%, which is only 5% higher than her Brave Burst. The thing to take away from this, however, is that she still has a very high chance to proc these statuses regardless of whether it's her BB or SBB. Her BC requirement for her SBB is 38 BCs, which is pretty fast. The biggest upside, however, is her innate BC generation buff of 30%, meaning that her SBB has a Felneus BC generation SBB buff attached to it. It does nothing for the squad, mind you, as it affects only herself, but it does ensure that her BC generation on her SBB is as optimal as possible. The 370% damage modifier buff is also an improvement from before, though still on the average-low end for a Super Brave Burst. However, dealing damage isn't the reason you'd use her.

    The best part of her SBB, and the reason one would use her are for the statuses she inflicts. Other famous status inducers (be it Leader Skill, BB/SBB, or both), like Nalmika or Lemia, has a chance to inflict a random status that the opponent is vulnerable to, which is more than fine. However, their flaw (if you can call it that) is that they can only inflict a status one at a time. You can always make them Leaders to increase the proc chance among your squad, but even then, RNG may not be too kind with the low proc rate offered by said Leader Skills. In Semira's case, she will inflict all four statuses simultaneously. Even if the enemy is immune to one of the statuses, they'll end up taking the other three to the mouth, and given the high proc rate of 75% and 80% on her BB and SBB respectively, this makes her a wonderful team player in Trial 004 against Cardes, as well as Raids and any other bosses who are susceptible to any of the four statuses. The only ones missing are Injury and Weaken, which would have made her perfect. Regardless, she does have one of the 3 most useful statuses for Raids.

    Something to Note: Though her BB and SBB say she also inflicts Weaken, in-game data shows she actually inflicts Sick instead, which is a wholly useless status. At least Poison, Paralysis, and Curse are useful.

    Stats (Lord):

    HP: 6050 + 750 = 6800
    ATK: 1900 + 400 = 2300
    DEF: 1765 + 200 = 1965
    REC: 2220 + 300 = 2520

    This is an interesting spread. Her stats, save for REC, are average across, though her DEF is a bit on the low end. Weirdly, her Imp bonuses match Ciara's, meaning her stats in the long run will have more of an offensive focus. While it's fine and all, someone, like Semira, would have appreciated a more defensive focus to better her role as a plague supporter. Maybe +200 for ATK, +200 for REC, +750 for HP, and +500 for DEF? Regardless, she isn't an absolute disappointment statistically, since there are worse, but she will not impress. At least her REC ensures she'll have no problem healing.


    - Leader Skill offers both status immunity and a 50% ATK buff for Light and Dark units.
    - Amazing proc rate for four different statuses.
    - Inflicts said statuses simultaneously as opposed to one at a time.
    - SBB has an innate 30% BC generation buff, allowing her to produce BCs more frequently.
    - Dark element means her attacks are unresisted.
    - Good attack animation.


    - Leader Skill may not be the most useful.
    - Pitiful hit count on normal attack.
    - An equally pitiful BC drop check on said normal attack.
    - Below average SBB damage.
    - A bit on the frail side defensively.
    - Sick is useless. They should have made her inflict Weaken as shown in her BB/SBB description.


    Definitely Anima. She has so much REC, that even as an Anima, her REC will still break 2000. Try and aim for Anima if you can.

    Guardian: Her DEF is on the low end, so there's nothing wrong with boosting it to help her survive hits better. Sure, it lowers her ATK, but hitting things hard was never her main selling point. Plus, the 400 ATK Imp bonus patches the ATK drop well enough.

    Lord: Her stat spread is naturally okay. She wishes she had more DEF if not more HP, but for what it is, it's decent, and it doesn't compromise her HP, or her shaky DEF.

    Breaker/Oracle: Breaker and Oracle are equal. For Breaker, it lowers her DEF to paper thin levels, and that's something she will not appreciate. Oracle... What can't I say about Oracle? Lowering her HP, a stat that scales better than DEF, for even more REC than she already has? I wouldn't recommend it, especially given her biggest uses will be in Trial 004 and Raids. Still, if Breaker and/or Oracle are the only Semira types you have, feel free to use her, since she's still an asset for her utility more than her stats. Plus, you have Spheres to help anyway.

    Final Thoughts: Gumi has shown that with the fixes to their BB/SBB damage modifiers, they are aware of what players want. While Ciara in particular may not reach god tier status, she now has viability as a unit in terms of damage buffing support, and a Leader Skill that helps to back it up. Semira, with her fantastic utility, damage buff or not, is universally useful as a sub unit with her multiple statuses (barring Sick). She'll definitely shine the most in Raids, where bosses are susceptible to said statuses, and Semira makes not a substitute or replacement for the likes of Nalmika, but makes a great partner, provided you can afford the squad slot. In the end, these Halloween units have redeemed themselves quite significantly (Ciara more so than Semira needed to), so now everyone can be happy with the gems spent to get them as well as the time invested in leveling them up.

    Last Week's Unit: Orna
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      I really like the double reviews for certain units because it gives us a bigger overview of both and we can compare the differences between them. Nice work keep it up


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        +1 to unwritten. Helps us a lot on squad building too.

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      stickyyyyyyyy~ thanks for review.. glad to see that post buff review.. it helps a lot..
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        This thread deserves a thumbs up.


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          Weeeee this is very helpful. Thanks for the information! <3


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